Eminem’s new album Kamikaze is set to break records

The Real Slim Shady has his fans coming back to where he got it all started.


In order to have any chance at the top spot on the albums chart, there are artists out in the world today who need months and months of promotion, but Eminem is not one of them.

On August 31st, with no warning whatsoever, Eminem shocked the world again by releasing his newest album Kamikaze. Suddenly, the album was available to all for digital downloading and/or via streaming platforms. However, it was not ready yet for purchase in any form. Therefore, fans had a huge reaction as to what The Real Slimy Shady had come up with this time around.

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Thanks to the 434,000 equivalent units where 252,000 happen to be sales, Kamikaze debuts at number one on the billboard. Marshall Mathers album, Kamikaze, is his tenth solo number one album which is a very impressive sum that most accomplished artists have never even experienced in their careers.  From the ten albums that Eminem has came up with, eight of the ten are actual albums that contain new material, whereas the other two include the movie 8 Mile which he starred in and Curtain Call: The Hits which make up his greatest hits. During Marshall Mathers career as an artist, he has brought his career total to 14 top tens.

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The Real Slim Shady’s new release, Kamikaze, has happened to shock many. In the past, Eminem has spaced out his albums with a few years separating them and knew exactly when he was going to release a certain album. Though Revival failed to produce any top 10 hits, it had reached his apex and was released in December 2017. No one really liked the album, Revival, and I believe that is why Eminem was so urgent to release his newest hit: Kamikaze.

Eminem’s poor last album has had people guessing as to the type of individual that he is truly is, so I believe his newest hit has people on the right track to get back to where he got it all started with the albums Recovery and ‘Til I Collapse. Eminem’s ‘Til I Collapse album brought a lot of energy and really fired up those to “not give up and not be a quitter.” His most popular hits from that album were Lose Yourself and ‘Til I Collapse. Lose Yourself and ‘Til I Collapse were two big time go to songs when you needed to get pumped up for a big sporting event.

Eminem’s future is still up for grabs for the type of artist he wants to truly be, but I think if he gets back to the career he had earlier, there will no uncertainty as to whether he is a remembered artist or not.