The real Matt Forney

Matt Forney is nothing more than an attention-seeking troll

Matt Forney is nothing more than an attention-seeking troll

The internet is home to many so called “trolls.” These foul creatures can best be described as self-loathing jerks with nothing else better to do than sit on a computer and bash others for attention; Matt Forney is one of these foul creatures.

Although most of the attention he receives is negative, Forney is nonetheless gaining popularity each day. The fact that I am writing this article thus giving him more attention pains me deeply and I apologize; however, something must be said on just how vile this man’s articles are.

Nothing more than a blogger from New York, Forney has managed to become notorious on the internet. His views can be described as not only anti-feminist, but also anti-women in general. It’s as if he believes all women should quit their jobs and cook dinner every night for their breadwinning husbands; the 1950’s are over Matt.

Two recent articles of Forney’s that are receiving negative attention are entitled “Why fat girls don’t deserve to be loved” and “The case against female self-esteem.” As one would imagine, these articles completely degrade women, urging them to have perfect bodies and no self-esteem. It’s crazy to think that these views still exist in the world today, but Forney emulates this ignorance in every one of his posts.

Most of the thought in these articles stems from Forney’s ideas originating from a so called “manosphere.” This incredibly sexist group of bloggers seems to have formed to together to write about certain injustices that men face or have faced over time in America. I could be wrong, but the last time I checked, I don’t remember white males ever having to gain any sort of rights in this country.

Sure, it’s unfair to just say women are the only group of people (yes, Matt women are people too) discriminated against in this country, but to argue this point by saying women should be skinny doesn’t make too much sense. Forney writes feverishly about women having too much pride claiming that the media makes girls feel confident; has he ever seen a Victoria’s Secret commercial? Women in this country are constantly tricked by the media into believing in that they aren’t beautiful enough; in fact it’s probably how most make-up companies produce a steady profit.

Forney’s bashing of women brings up a point about freedom of the press. Citizens of the United States of America have the right to freedom of press, meaning that we can write and or publish whatever we want. With Forney however, I feel that he has taken this right too far. When a person uses a right intended to spread ideas to solely bash others, that’s bullying in my eyes, the same type of bullying that causes teens to commit suicide because they think they have to live up to someone else’s expectations.

Whether Forney truly believes what he says is beside the point because he is vocalizing hate over the airwaves. This man not only upsets women in this country, but also men like me for making all men look like chumps. Ironically, Forney’s blog reads, “The Man who shot love into the hearts of the world.” All I see him shoot is his hate.