Photoshop wonder boy?


Tyler Macenko, who is now known as a photoshop editing prodigy, actually started around sixth grade when he made UC edits on his phone formally known as “Cincy_details” on Instagram.

There is no doubt that Tyler has exceptional skill in image editing and he continues to grow and become more extravagant with the new pictures that he makes. Tyler originally stopped making edits taking a break to focus on his grade school football career. After his temporary break however, he started up GBedits on twitter, predominantly for Michigan football recruits. GBedits racked up over 1,000 followers in less than one month becoming more popular than his personal twitter account.

Tyler took a job opportunity two and a half years ago to work at UC creating edits for football recruits. Over the summer Tyler travelled up to Clifton to work on campus with UC’s recruiting department. Currently Tyler has been creating edits for players like Malik Vann, a Fairfield high school alum who plays defensive end at UC, along with many other great athletes at UC.

His edits are nothing short of amazing and really showcase the talent that he possess making ordinary pictures to cool edits with backgrounds and other images incorporated into the background. Along with edits for UC Tyler has created some t-shirts for elder one being the “Friday nights are for the panthers” t-shirt.

The Quill has a fantastic art director in Tyler and he creates cool pictures and templates for the online Quill and student profiles. When I sat down with Tyler I asked him a couple questions about his future in editing and if he thinks he can make a career out of it.

“I am deciding between majoring in graphic design or in the business field,” Tyler said. “I think I’ll always do edits just for fun and maybe for twitter.” I asked Tyler about what’s the best part about editing for UC and he said. “The best part is that I get to meet most of the players and get to go to the photo shoots over the summer. Along with being able to go onto the field during UC football games to photograph the players in action.”

There is no denying that Tyler is good at what he does and it’s a fact that not many kids know how to manipulate photos and create new pieces of art work like he can.

Tyler hopes to keep on working recruitment edits with UC throughout his college career and hopes to become better at editing and hopefully make a name for himself at UC and of course get to meet and get to know some of the current football players. It is really cool to see this kind of work being done by a student in which he should be recognized for his hard work and talent. When people ask Tyler about his job they are all in awe because of how great an opportunity it is and the perks he can get with this job. I hope to see more of Tyler’s work in the coming years.

I contacted Mr. Rogers to get some thoughts on his personal opinion about Tyler and his graphic designs. When I asked him about Tyler’s overall skills and how he helps The Quill he spoke very highly of him saying that

Tyler is a very talented designer with a great sense of composition and fantastic creativity. “He has certainly been a great addition to The Quill staff as he helps many other staff members with their images. He has also personally helped me a great deal this year with our website, updating the look and consistency of our site and integrating a twitter feed on our home page. He also handles the staff profile images and does a great job with those.”

I also asked Mr. Rogers about any other thoughts on how Tyler could help The Quill and if he sees Tyler being able to keep on making these edits as a career.

He said, “I am hoping that he can also begin to lay out pages for our PRINT ISSUES as well this year. I think he should continue to work on static graphics as well as venture into video editing this school year.”

“I certainly think he could go to DAAP at UC and major in digital design if he thinks that is something he wants to do. I believe that the experience he can get from laying out pages of The Quill would serve him well in the future.”

There is no doubt that Tyler possess special skills but my main question for Mr. Rogers was when he saw how talented Tyler was and he said, “I first became aware of Tyler when he took my graphic design software class as a freshman! He was already as skilled as any digital designer I have had in class in my seven years here at Elder.

And in the subsequent years, he has parlayed that talent into several T-shirt designs as well as the images he has sold to UC.”