Bittner contemplates offer

Elder quarterback receives offer from Bulldogs

Bittner contemplates offer

The wonder kid, Michael Bittner, received his offer to play division one football from the Butler Bulldogs. Could he be the new face of the team? Does he have what it takes? Is he interested in being a Bulldog?

The offer came as a shock to the Bittners. According to Michael, he had not had much communication with Butler before they called him with the news.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all. I wasn’t even talking to Butler, yet after 45 minutes on the phone they gave me an offer,” said Bitt. This is Bittner’s first D-1 offer to play college ball so there was no shame when he admitted to getting emotional. Michael said the best part was telling his parents. “I’m pretty sure my mom was more pumped than I was.”

Michael dives for the pylon against Oak Hills in 2017

The question not many people are asking is: Does Bittner have what it takes to play for Butler at the next level? I could have asked Michael about this, but we all know he would go on and on about how talented he is. This may be true; however, we want to hear it from an objective point of view.

For that point of view I went to Michael’s teammate and rotating quarterback, Matthew Leubbe.

“Michael is a competitor. It is his strength and toughness that will allow him to carry his game over to the next level. He can run and throw and he has a great understanding of the game. He is very talented and can make just about any play you need on the field,” says Leubbe.

It is not just his abilities that make him good enough to compete at the next level but also his leadership. “He is a great teammate and as a captain of the team he is someone we all look up to,” said Luebbe.

The Bulldogs play in the Pioneer league. The conference includes teams such as Valparaiso, Davidson and Dayton. They are sponsored by Nike as well and Bitt thinks he could get used to rocking the ‘swoosh’. “Butler is a great school in a nice city, and it has a strong history of athletics,” explained Bittner.

Butler is not a lock for Bittner. Being a Bulldog is a great option, but the season is still young and baseball season hasn’t even started. Bitt explained, “It is definitely a serious option, but I’d like to see how the season pans out.” Leubbe knows an offer from Butler is big time, but he doesn’t think it will be the only one. “Butler is a great school and to get an offer from them is awesome. I know he will have a bright future wherever he goes to college, and I think there will be plenty of options for him.”

Bitt takes batting practice before game at GABP

The Bittner-led Bulldogs is a possibility, but the kid has a bright future no matter where he ends up. We cannot leave other sports out of the equation either. He is a ballplayer on the diamond and hardwood as well and the possibilities are endless. Only time will tell what the future holds for Michael Bittner.