NASCAR is dying



NASCAR attendance and television rating have been dramatically declining at an alarming rate over this past decade. Many people think they have the reason why and some ideas how to try to fix it.

What I believe the biggest problem is Brain France the CEO and chairman of NASCAR. He seems disattached from the sport. He has been putting in new rules to fix problems that never existed like the stage racing rule. Which is the races get broken into three parts and will award them points if they win one of the parts.

Another big problem in the sport is the length of both each race, track, and the season. No one has the time to sit down and watch a race for four hours. The only race that should be 500 miles should be the Daytona 500 the biggest race in the sport.

They could also start putting the races on week nights, therefore having less competition. If the races were on smaller tracks there would be more passing and would make more exciting races. By having the season so long, no one is watching when the sport is supposed to be the most interesting. They are competing with football which will never work out for them.

All of NASCAR’s big stars have retired or are boring. NASCAR has seen big names like Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, and Tony Stewart all walking away from the sport, and they have not replaced them with other big names. The sport right now has one of its best drivers ever in Jimmy Johnson, but he just never gets advertised and never does anything interesting to get noticed by the normal person


NASCAR fans want to see people that are rednecks not people who are rich white collar people, but that’s all they have been getting. That is all they have been getting because only rich kids can afford to grow up racing cars. Part of that is the NASCAR cars are not true stock cars like they used be. People used to relate a lot more when they were driving cars like the common people drove like the Firebirds and other cars like that, but now you never see anything close to a normal car.

Another difference for shorter tracks is that aerodynamics do not play as big of a role. Aerodynamics make the car go way faster by the shape of the car. This creates a wind tunnel effect which helps the car go faster. Your probably  thinking why is it a problem if the cars are going faster. Well, these cars are so engineered that if they get a little dent in it will slow them way down. So they do not pass as much in fear their car will be dented.

Shorter tracks would help this because they do not get in the wind tunnels on the straightaways as much. So the aerodynamics matters less during those races.