The legend of Hugo

Reflecting on Danny Ginn’s four years at Elder.


Senior Year Danny Ginn showing off his skills against a talented Lakewood St. Edward’s team.

Whether you know him or not, after reading this article you will be familiar with the daily week and weekend for Danny Ginn. You will also learn his nicknames, hobbies, and get a peek at his memories as a Panther.

Danny Ginn, also known as Hugo, has made a mark on Elder High School throughout his four years. There have been numerous nicknames he has received during his time at Elder but the one that he hears the most is Hugo. Danny said, “I received the nickname Hugo in French class freshman year and it just has always stuck with everyone ever since.”

Junior Year Danny Ginn getting ready for battle

Ginn’s favorite sport to play and watch is football. This is not a surprise because he has invested a lot of his time into this special place and is around the Elder campus Monday thru Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM during football season. He said, “I enjoy waking up early, grinding in the classroom, and attending football practice. After football, I go home and hit the books.”

Freshman Year Danny Ginn enjoying the action on the bench

Danny is such a likeable guy and that is shown by his relationships with family and friends. I caught up with his cousin, Will Austing as well as two of his good friends, Liam Geiser and Aidan Byrne to ask them why Ginn is so fun to be around. Will said, “Danny is a boy, a funny character, and always has your back.” Liam said, “DG just gets along with everyone, makes everyone laugh with his dance moves, and is just a big guy.” Aidan said, “It’s fun being around my boy DG for a ton of reasons, but the main reason is his friendly attitude toward everyone. The big man strictly loves it and you can’t keep a smile off his face.”

If you can make it to a CYO game this winter, I highly recommend watching Hugo. Danny is a huge threat on the court and a matchup nightmare. Ginn said, “I’m the most lethal shooter in the game and an all around superstar.” From being on the Elder basketball team with Ginn my freshman and sophomore year, this quote resembles his game in a nut shell. He loves camping out behind the arc and will drain threes down your throat every game.

I enjoy waking up early, grinding in the classroom, and attending football practice. After football, I go home and hit the books.”

— Danny Ginn

Danny has experienced so many memorable moments over his four years at Elder that there are too many to count. If he had to pick his favorite, he said, “It would be just playing sports in general. Even if I didn’t get out on the field or court, I still loved being out there with my brothers.”

To close it out, Ginn told me he has been truly blessed to be an Elder Panther. He said, “It means the world to be an Elder Panther. I have grown up listening to my uncles and parents talking about how great the place is and then watching my cousins go through the school. I can’t believe it is almost over, but this place holds a special place in my heart and is the best decision I have ever made. ALTIORA.”