Where are the Sophomores?

Sophomore attendance on Friday nights need to improve now!


PArty in the Pit

We have an unbelievable football team this year and our whole school, for the most part, has been behind them cheering them on every game. The one weak spot in our electric cheering section is the attendance of the sophomores. For the majority of the games so far we have had literally one row of sophomores, maybe two. That is just unacceptable, and we need our whole school to be behind this team to push them to be their best.

Although the attendance of the sophomore class started out absolutely terrible it has been getting better for the last few games. The reason for this better attendance is because of some upperclassmen spreading the word around school that the sophomores need to start coming to the games. There should be at least four rows of sophomores at the games and right now that’s just not there. If you are a sophomore reading this, you need to start coming to the games; it really is a great experience and there’s nothing else like it. Be a part of the 2018 state champs and you can be able to say I saw that team play all the time and I watched them succeed.

One of the best parts of going to Elder High School is going to these football games and cheering on your buddies and fellow Panthers. The cheering section gets rowdy, and the only way it can get any more electric is if the rest of the sophomores come to these games. Don’t miss out on a part of your high school experience because it flies by trust me. I remember the day I first walked through these doors as a freshman like it was yesterday. Just look at how fun this is!

Blackout in the Pit

I mean sophomores really don’t have a good excuse for missing all these games anyway. Yeah there’s the excuse, “well I can’t drive yet” which I’ve heard several times. That excuse is completely invalid because sure you may not be able to drive, but some of your buddies can, but look at these freshmen. They can’t drive yet, but there’s a boat load of them at every single game cheering to the point where they lose their voice. Shout out to the freshman you guys are doing a great job, sophomores step it up and show the section what your made of. Start showing at the games and don’t just come because of this article, come because your pumped and ready for Elder to kick some ass.

This article is not one to bash the sophomore class, or hate on them, but to encourage them to get out there more on Friday nights under the lights at the Pit. I mean the last part of that sentence just gives me the chills. Not only does it rhyme, but it pumps me up. Let’s start going to these games, and we got a big one Friday at Mason. It really is something special and I just want you guys to be a part of it as well. See you guys Friday!