The “Gohd” of YouTube

An underated YouTuber that deserves his chance at stardom.

A look at kevin as he reacts to his greatest Battle royale game comeback.

A look at kevin as he reacts to his greatest Battle royale game comeback.

When people think of funny YouTubers they usually think of Pew Die Pie, Troydan, Markiplier, KSI, and many others. But the YouTuber that is being featured here is someone who is that well-known because he has only 40,000 subscribers. KevinGohd is the YouTuber that I am talking about you may question why? The reason  is because he is an extremely hilarious YouTuber.

Kevin started his channel in the year 2016. He started out just being a small time MLB 16 The Show YouTuber but, over the past few years his channel has grown quite a bit.

Kevin has gone through many battle royale runs and most of them have failed.

Kevin really puts an emphasis on playing MLB16 The Show. It is the game  mainly played on his channel, although he has played some Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

What really makes KevinGohd a really funny YouTuber is that he makes all of his videos to be hilarious. One particular time  is when he made a debut video for a diamond Andrew McCutchen.

There was a specific part in the video when he gave up a go-ahead home run to a player every MLB The Show player loves to hate, Gary Sanchez. As soon as the home run was hit Kevin was infuriated and ended up saying, “How does this guy step to the dish and do damage every single time?”

Another time that Kevin had me in hysterics was when he was playing a battle royale game ending in a walk-off home run being hit by his opponent. The moment when he gave up the home run he ended up walking out the room with banjo music playing in the background.

A look at kevin as he reacts to his greatest Battle royale game comeback.

It isn’t just the things he says that makes Kevin funny too, he has a passion of hate for some baseball players. The first one that comes to mind is Jonathan Lucroy. I don’t really know how one person could have some much hatred for one player.

This stems back to when Kevin was using Lucroy during a gameplay video. Lucroy let a ball squirt away to the backstop. Kevin was really heated after this happened. He said this guy can’t keep anything from going away.

The other player that Kevin can’t stand is Lou Brock. The reason why Kevin can’t stand Lou is obvious. Brock is a speed cheeser that any average MLB player can’t stand to pitch to. I can recall one time that Kevin faced Lou Brock and he said he should hit Lou Brock in the face with a fastball.

Kevin Gohd is an extremely talented YouTuber that deserves much more credit than he has received. His content is fire even though it is limited to mostly MLB. To me, its just the funny sayings and the guy at the helm of the camera that make it great.