Top five unknown movies on Netflix

Top five unknown movies on Netflix

Netflix began as a Movie watching service where they mailed you the movie to watch, and it has evolved into this new streaming service. With the streaming and convenience TV shows have taking the throne away from the movies. I took it as my task to show people some of the best unknown movies on Netflix, so here is my top five:

5)      Reservoir Dogs – Most people have at least heard about Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece  Pulp Fiction (also on Netflix), but less people have heard about his first movie, Reservoir Dogs. This movie is a fast paced extremely well written film where a jewelry heist has gone wrong and the criminals meet back at the meeting place. Their response to each other and dialogue is incredible as they break down emotional and mentally. This is an awesome movie for anyone to watch.

4)      Primer – This one is a modern sci-fi cult classic. Following two men working on conductors in their garage they stumble upon a great discovery. This movie excels in telling the extremely complicated story without dumbing it down. This movie will take you a few watches to really understand what happened.

3)    Dredd – One of the most recent films on my list. I am not the guy to sit down and watch an action flick. I usually do not find them entertaining. Dredd is that exception. Its slow motion scenes and violence sequences are done to perfection. Its interesting story makes up for the lackluster characters and should be a movie for an action fan.

2)    Clerks – The only comedy on the list. This movie has more vulgar words and funny lines than any other movie I’ve seen. Shot in only in black in White gives it a gritty feel and makes the movie better. This movie is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.

1)    Requiem for a Dream – This is the one movie on this list I have only seen once and will never watch again. Saying this movie is sad is a horrible understatement. This movie is soul crushing. But it is done is a beautiful way, and it goes out to destroy you. It gets the job done and is incredible doing it. Watch this movie but down expect rainbows and candy at the end.