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Telles after one day of not shaving

Telles after one day of not shaving

Here at Elder we have a strict clean shaved policy, but there are a couple times of the year that students can grow out their facial hair. A big time of the year is when we honor Mr. Klusman who had an incredible beard which he grew most of his life. The month we honor this great man is March. Another time of the year for a beard is summer or some people can grow a nice mustache over Christmas break.

There are two kids in particular that both grow mustaches and they have a rivalry who has the better one.  These two kids are Paul Moore, Jr. and Jack Telles. I got a chance to interview both of them and they had some trash talk for the opposing side. Jack threw a nice jab at Paul calling him a copycat and Jack had the first facial hair. Jack also went on to say that Paul’s mustache comes in patchy. Paul came back and said that Jack looks like a rat and his eyebrows match his ugly mustache.

Paul after months of not shaving
Telles after one day of not shaving

In the interview with Jack and Paul I asked them if they think that they look good. Paul said he does not think he looks good, but keeps his because he likes people’s reaction. On the other hand, Jack said that he thinks looks a lot better with a mustache. They even gave their mustache names that were pretty clever. Paul named his mustache Enriquez for fun. Jack named his Alien because he says his mustache is out of this world. In the end both Paul and Jack respects each other mustache because they’re one of a few kids at Elder that can pull this look off.

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One kid’s mustache that destroys both Paul and Jack is senior John Conner’s. Last year during no shave March, John grew what many believed was the most impressive facial hair in the competition. What made John different is most people grew out beards and mustaches, but he kept his nicely groomed and kept it only as a mustache. When I asked John what makes his mustache the best at Elder he said, “It’s understated. Classic. Manly. Sharp. Stylish. The perfect combination of danger and sophistication. To be honest, I don’t think anyone can disagree with any of that after seeing John with it.