Nice idea, bad execution

Smudge and bad reproduction quality dissuade the best laid plans.


Mr. Rogers

This ugly smudge was discovered by the staff after many Quills had already been picked up by homeroom teachers.

Well our December print issue had some — issues.

Both articles on page 15 were basically rendered unreadable as our printer let a very large black smudge go unnoticed during the print run. We discovered it back in our Journalism classroom after we had already distributed stacks of “hot off the presses” Quills to homerooms at the end of the day on Wednesday, December 19.

We complained and they reprinted them overnight!

Our plan was to have these available for exams on Thursday, but alas there was no homeroom on Thursday so most students probably won’t get a chance to read or share this issue until they return to school on January 8, 2019.

To complicate things even further, many homeroom teachers diligently emptied their mailboxes on Thursday morning and therefore are not in possession of the “reprinted” version of the December Quill (with a totally redone and clean page 15).

So if you are a student, staff or faculty member who happens to read this story and wants to get a new stack of Quills that are correctly printed on page 15, just shoot an email to Mr. Rogers and he will get the new copies to you.

We apologize for the inconvenience and to staffers Wertz and Winner, who had their stories effected by the insidious black smudge.

Now on to the real business of this story; the answers to the difference picture on the back page.

Again, the staff would like to apologize for this contest; it was really quite impossible to see any differences in these photos, given the reproduction quality of our paper in black and white on cheap newsprint paper. We were hopeful this would be a viable alternative to all of our other wordsearch puzzles, but it clearly did not work.

So here are the two pictures reproduced here, in much better digital form, with the differences circled. The fact that the second picture is in black and white is NOT a difference.

They differences are also listed below the gallery:

No title on book, papers missing from desk, hole in desk missing, logo missing from coffee cup, logos missing from MACs, copy missing on wall poster, framed certificate missing, outlets missing from side and front walls.

Maybe next time we can convince a staff member to complete another visual quiz like this online where we can use color and even make it interactive!