Winter wardrobes at Elder tread on guidelines of the handbook

But how can students stay warm and legal during a polar vortex?

I cant put my arms down! (Photo from: A Christmas Story)

“I can’t put my arms down!” (Photo from: A Christmas Story)

When cold weather rolls around, style at Elder takes a serious turn. The polar vortex spiraling through Cincinnati has some kids going crazy.

Some students stay warm within the lines of the Elder rule book. This states that students can wear Elder quarter zips and sweaters but normal brands are prohibited such as North Face and Patagonia sweaters. It also states no hoodies, but that doesn’t stop some students.

Nearly all students can be seen wearing school quarter zips on cold days, but they are all too thin to keep warm. Doubling up on quarter zips is not uncommon. A lot of students wear two to stay warm throughout the day. One student in has been known to quadruple down, Aidan Byrne.

Aidan Byrne staying warm in style outside of the classroom (Photo by Danny Ginn)

“I’m just trying to stay warm, that’s all,” claims Byrne. He gets made fun of by his friends, but he knows they are just salty; he is warm and they are not. It’s not all about comfort for Aidan. “I get to be warm and look buff as ‘sheen’.” (Refer to Carmine Dominecone’s previous story on The Language of Aidan Byrne for more slang).

That is one way in which students stay warm while following the rules. Some choose to turn to the dark side and wear hoodies. I have decided to give the students I am referring to aliases in order to protect them from Coach Flaherty.

Shmeno Blerry and Blencer Shmernard are notorious for sporting the hoodies on chilly days. I guess it is only illegal if they get caught. May the force be with you both.

Lastly, some kids have been going absolutely crazy to stay warm. Incredibly unique and extraordinary measures are being taken to stay warm this year.

If I were to tell you some students wear sweats or pajamas under their khakis, then you might think they are crazy. Well one student, who shall remain nameless, was spotted in the North Wing wearing a nice pair of blue jeans beneath his school pants. How is that for crazy? Hey, at least he will be warm.

Mystery student wearing jeans beneath khakis to stay warm (Photo by Danny Ginn)

Purple Fridays have a different narrative. Elder hoodies are permitted, but a lot of times people wear a jacket over them for extra warmth. These extra layers are what can get you in trouble. North Face and Columbia type brands pop up all over the school.

Just follow Byrne’s footsteps and layer up underneath your Elder gear.