Elder’s 6th man back


The 2018-19 basketball season is coming to a close with senior night approaching in a few weeks against LaSalle.

After a rough start to the season, the Panthers seem to be moving in the right direction just in time for tournament time.  The proof of the improvements Elder has made over the past couple weeks was a 45-31 win over Oak Hills in the Fieldhouse, and if you look behind Elder’s bench you can see the mark left behind by Elder’s 6th Man.

The cheering section at Oak Hills was the largest and most effective of the season. (taken from youtube)

One tradition separating Elder basketball from other programs is the cheering section behind the bench: the 6th Man.  After the Panthers beat Oak Hills the effect of our cheering section was obvious to all in attendance.  The section showed up in large numbers and was rowdy, and the cracking railing is a reminder.

In order for supervisors to gain more control over the cheering section the first row has been backed up off the rail.  This was also imposed to protect the already damaged railings.  This didn’t stop the 6th man from leaning over the railing and making their presence felt.  Some players, like Aidan Byrne, even seemed to feed off their energy and boost his game.

“The energy from the crowd definitely play a huge role in the outcome of the game.  I don’t know if I score 14 points without their energy,” said Byrne.  “Our defensive intensity came from the 6th man and the 45-31 on the scoreboard shows it.”

Aidan looks forward to the last game in the Fieldhouse against LaSalle on February 15th.  He also told me that another cheering section like the one from the Oak Hills would ensure an Elder win as the post-season arrives.