Lil Uzi and Nav quit to promote?


Rappers Lil Uzi Vert and Nav have decided to end their careers. But why? No one really knows exactly why, but people do have some theories on why the rappers have chosen to do this.

Lil Uzi Vert says he wants to be normal. However, after all of the fame and success he has already received, what is the point of quitting music? I understand where he is coming from, however at this point, I’m not sure if Lil Uzi can ever really go back to ‘normal’. Another rapper who followed Lil Uzi Vert in quitting is less popular, Nav. He said that if Lil Uzi is quitting, then he is quitting as well.

I wanted to go to some of the hip hop fanatics in our school so I went to junior Adam Rice to see what he had to say about the rappers.

He said, “They’re only quitting to hype up their albums. It’s just a bunch of rah-rah.” I would have to agree with Rice in that I think it is all about promotion. I then asked why he thought the rappers decided to do this.

He said, “I’d say it drew in more fans and gained more followers after they announced it.”

Lucky for me, junior Jackson Geiser was with Rice while interviewing him. So I decided to ask him about the situation.

He said, “He was skep with that weird devil stuff, but Nav is my dude.” Those are some wise words from a wise guy. However, I wanted to get serious. I wanted to find the biggest Lil Uzi Vert fan in the school so I went asking around.

I heard that senior Lucas Palicki was a huge Lil Uzi Vert fan so I tracked him down to see what he had to say.

He said, “Well I’m disappointed but I think there is still hope because there have been pictures showing up lately of him in the studio. I think he hyped up Eternal Atake too much and now he’s trying to cool down the hype to come back in the next couple months or so, maybe even longer, to drop Eternal Atake and take a big jump in popularity.”

So in the end, it sounds like the rappers are really just hyping up their albums to gain more fans and followers.