19 years and still going strong

Survivor is back for its 38th season


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The logo for Survivor’s 38th edition features the twist for this year: Edge of Extinction

The 38th season of CBS’s hit reality show is underway … Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Since airing in 2000, Survivor has become one of America’s most precious series. I guess the uncertainty and intrigue that stems from a group of total strangers marooned on an island where they vote each other appeals to viewers. I mean seriously, what is not to like (especially that theme song intro)?

Like I said before, Survivor first came to CBS nearly two decades ago with Survivor: Borneo. Despite the one million dollar prize that awaited the winner, the show entranced viewers across the nation. Whether it was with adventure, emotion and empathy, or even the heart-pounding moments of situational irony, the game brought out the best among the castaways and the viewers.

“Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.” Survivor’s well-known motto quickly became the beloved symbol among fans. Its reputation soared and with it, the show as well. No matter your background, body image, or stereotype, people flooded towards the chance of being on the show. Auditions filled quickly and before you could blink, it became the hardest show to get into. But for these contestants, the million dollar prize is only a bonus, the real treasure lies within the fulfillment of dreams and being the sole survivor.

No questions asked, Survivor is a show for beauty. Taking place in beautiful, lush atmospheres, the show has become the most picturesque when it comes to scenery. Moreover, the first 19 seasons were all based off different locations and exotic islands around the globe. Yet recently, Survivor has made the transition to attractive themes to give more drama the game of survival. And with that change, seasons 20-38 have all been based on new twists and categorizations of contestants. It has been a entirely different look when it comes to the show’s performance, and has resulted in unmatched praise and reviews.

But without further ado, let’s get down to business with Edge of Extinction.

Being completely honest, we’re two episodes in and I have no clue what is going on.

It seems that once you’re voted out, you have a choice to go home or stay in the game and travel to an abandoned island home to only yourself. Two people have been voted out, and both have ventured towards this “edge” of their existence in the game. I feel like everyone is going to choose this island as a way to get back into the game, so I’m not sure what CBS and host, Jeff Probst, have in store for us.

Among the 18 castaways, 14 are new players while 4 are returnees. And man are these four players big time gamers. So much so, I decided to rank them as my top four favorites to win despite the huge targets on their backs (rankings below in reverse order).

4. Aubry Bracco 

Aubry during her second time playing in season 34, Survivor: Game Changers (photo via Entertainment Weekly).

Runner Up – Survivor: Kaoh Rong

5th – Survivor: Game Changers

Aubry is undoubtedly a strategical threat. She’s a stone-cold killer when it comes to voting someone out. She’s earned everyone’s respect when it comes to this game and she is certainly among the all time greats of mental strength. However, she poses no physical aid when it comes to team challenges, putting her in a frightening position, especially in a game surrounded by new players feeling threatened by her scheming game play.

3. Kelley Wentworth


Kelley’s first appearance was in Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, which was a family edition where she played with her dad (photo via uproxx.com).

14th – Survivor: San Juan Del Sur 

4th – Survivor: Second Chance

Very similar to Aubry, Kelley is a strategist. She’s the type of player who aligns herself with the right people at the right time. In her past seasons, she has retrieved a handful of hidden immunity idols and awards. Her all around game will put a gigantic target on her back early, her tribe may cut her throat as soon as the opportunity presents itself.  But if she can somehow make the merge, you can’t count her out.

2. Joe Anglim


Joe has played twice before this attempt, pictured here in on of the recent premieres of Survivor: Edge of Extinction (photo via sltrib.com).

10th – Survivor: Worlds Apart 

8th – Survivor: Second Chance

Joe is a challenge beast. His tribe rarely ever loses a reward/immunity challenge during that stretch of the show. He’s an automatic merge member as he’ll continue to be a provider and winning aid for his tribe. However, post-merge, Joe will develop the biggest target of anyone. Yet, I still have him a number two because he’s just that athletic and smart. The dude could win every individual immunity challenge and waltz his way to the crown.

1. David Wright

David has played only one previous time before this attempt, unlike the other returnees’ third try (photo via sheknows.com).

4th – Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X 

No not the baseball player. Instead picture a 45-year-old writer from southern California; not to mention, this man will weigh about a “buck-ten” after his 39 day title quest this season. You can’t get fooled by this man’s nonchalant game play. He is a snake in the grass until the merge. Then all of the sudden you see him in the final five, then bang, he wins an immunity and he’s a millionaire. Watch, it’ll happen.


Survivor: Edge of Extinction is on CBS every Wednesday night at 8:00, so don’t miss it.

Every show has its haters, but if there’s one thing Survivor never does, it’s disappoint.