Prohibited streaming at Elder?

Prohibited streaming at Elder?

Believe it or not, many students here at Elder are doing prohibited streaming fairly often. These days, streaming movies off illegal websites has become more popular than ever. Some of these websites include Putlocker, 123Movies, Solar Movies, and many more. I caught up with a few students here at Elder and reviewed these prohibited websites.

The first student I spoke with drills movie websites during one of my classes. As a result of this, I would consider him an expert in this field. I knew I had to interview him when I decided to write this article. He gave me some thoughtful insights and even some tips that some Quill readers may find useful next time they decide to visit one of these websites.

He started by telling me that his go to website is, “, and it has never failed me.” I took a look at this website, and it seemed to get the job done very well. On Click ads are present on this website and as usual, very annoying. Yet, our expert gave me an exceptional tip on how to deal with this stating, “You can download an ad blocker on your computer that blocks all ads and will get rid of all the on click ads.” So if anyone out there is dealing with this issue, there is the solution.

Furthermore, I was curious as to how he gets around the firewalls while at Elder. Most of the students are aware of the proxy servers to get around, but that has been locked down lately by King Fuell. He found a different site called “And9635” that is unblocked at Elder but “90% of the movies on the site do not even work.” He may not consider himself an expert on this topic, but he sure knows his way around the streaming business. He was not the only EHS student I spoke with about this matter.

I also got a chance to chat with a fellow Quill member and movie connoisseur. He told me that his go to sites are “Putlocker and Gomovies”. The student has no fear when it comes to On Click ads. He backed this belief up with his statement that he has the “fastest trigger finger” in the entire world when deleting these pop ups. He told me that he even enjoys battling these persistent On Click Ads. Getting onto these websites is tough for him during school hours, though. He stated, “Last year, it wasn’t blocked for my computer, but it is sadly now locked down.” That still does not stop him from knocking out four to five movies each week.

This method of watching movies may not be optimal, but at the end of the day, it is free. People will continue to choose this option, and will continue to save money. Pirating movies has been around for a while, and until this industry is cracked down upon, people will not stop using these sites.