Mike Dyer: you heard it here first

Mike Dyer (@MikeDyer) tweets out Michael Bittners commitment to Tennessee

Michael Bittner's twitter

Mike Dyer (@MikeDyer) tweets out Michael Bittner’s commitment to Tennessee

Any NBA fan is accustomed to the ‘Woj Bomb’.

Adrian Wojnarowski is a NBA Insider who releases news before anyone else. A ‘Woj Bomb’ has been known to leak trade details even before the players involved are informed.

Is Mike Dyer the Woj of local High School football commits?

There have been multiple cases of ‘Dyer Bombs’ on Elder Football players. The first instance was when The University of Cincinnati offered Michael Bittner as a PWO (preferred walk-on). Dyer tweeted out the offer before UC’s head coach, Coach Fickell, was able to call Michael.

“So I was in contact with UC and next thing I know I’m in study hall and Ben Burke says, ‘hey Bitt have you seen what Dyer tweeted’ and next thing I know I get on Twitter and see I have an offer to UC. Five minutes later I get called down to Mr. Ramsey and Luke Fickell is there and we talk and he confirmed it with me,” Michael recalls

Michael Bittner’s (@MichaelBittner7) commitment tweet a day after Dyer released it.

The next ‘Dyer Bomb’ was a tweet announcing Michael Bittner’s commitment to University of Tennessee. Michael was locked out of his twitter when he made the decision (check out his latest story for more on that). Because of the lockout, Coach Ramsey informed Dyer before Michael could even sign in to his account and let his followers know.

Bitt was officially committed when Dyer spilled the beans, so there was no problem there. However, that is not the case for Tim Finley.

Tim is interested in the United States Merchant Marine Academy and wants to play football there. “I received the nomination and went up to New York to the USMMA to visit. I had an overnight visit and was awarded my Appointment the next morning,” said T-Fins.

Tim received his appointment, which is basically an acceptance letter, but Tim hadn’t made up his mind. Also nothing is guaranteed until you pass their medical evaluation.

Dyer (@MikeDyer) prematurely tweets commitment for Tim Finley

“When I arrived home, I did not tell many people and did not want the attention because my decision was not made. However, Coach Ramsey heard from my mom and informed Mike Dyer. It wasn’t until a day in school when I started to receive multiple congratulations. I just figured people found out that I got an appointment until Ronnie [Wainscott] called me a college athlete. Confused, I asked why he said that and he responded with ‘check twitter’. I looked at twitter and it was if the decision was made for me. Mike Dyer tweeted my commitment and considered me committed when my medical exam still has to go through,” explained T_.

I appreciate Mike Dyer’s work. As a journalist, I can read his work to help make mine better. Being like Woj is not a bad thing either. I have Twitter notify me whenever Woj tweets because it is always something interesting.

However, the Finley commitment raised a few question marks for me.