Let the madness begin

The app that has it all (March Madness Live)

The app that has it all (March Madness Live)

With the college basketball regular season wrapping up, it’s time to start thinking about March. Selection Sunday awaits, and in just about twelve days we will be propped in front of our TV’s waiting to see what seed our prized team receives.

For some it might be the hometown Bearcats or the Xavier Musketeers. Although let’s be brutality honest, it’s going to be a miracle if Xavier even makes the NIT this year. However, I can’t and will not complain if that is the case, for I am an avid supporter of the Bearcats and will forever despise Xavier. For any Muskies fans out there reading this, tough luck… GO CATS. Aside from the hometown teams, I’m sure there will be a variety of team names being thrown around school in contention for the title this March.

Obvious favorites would include: Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. However, just as we saw last year, a Cinderella story just as Loyola Chicago lived out could be a story for this years tournament. However, who that team will be is the real question.

All this being said, March Madness has a vital impact on many of the lives of the students at Elder. It’s more than just a game as some would say. Disputing this statement however stands the almighty English teacher, Mr. Eric Grimm. Grimm is not a fan of March Madness and has made it clear that the week of the first and second round games will be nothing short of a doozy.

“Honestly though, do you really care about all those teams? You didn’t care about them in the regular season, so why do you care about them now,” stated Grimm when discussing the matter with his junior English classes.

Although he brings up a good point, the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with March Madness is something that can’t be found in any other season of the year. Some may say this season brings more joy than Christmas.

So how will students be able to keep up with all the action you might ask?

The March Madness Mobile app is the answer. No need to fret, this wonder of an app will keep you updated on all the live streaming games. Just by simply plugging in your TV provider, the app allows the viewer to stay tuned in to every game being streamed.

To see just how impactful this app is, I asked some of our very own students.

“My focus level will be about a 4 out of 10 during those weeks simply because when the ‘Cats are still in the tournament, I will have to watch every single second,” said junior Lucas Kraft when asked about his experience with the app. Kraft also went on to say that his choice of class to stream will be study hall.

Senior Gunnar Wall stated, “I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to streaming in class but I am looking forward to all the action. I intend to watch as much as I can and will be streaming the action as much as possible. Winthrop’s conference tournament starts this week so teachers beware, Pat Kelsey and the Eagles will take over my PC/Tablet. Some might say it is indeed over!” Enough said, from the onion himself.

There’s not doubt teachers will be on the lookout for students streaming the games; however, this time of year is one like any other that deserves to be celebrated with the boys.

Let the games begin.