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My favorite action film characters


Edited by Mason Berger

Collage of the movie characters in this story

Recently in my free time, I have been watching action films.

These action films are spectacular with their suspense, drama, violence, and story lines. While some, if not all of these are very unrealistic, these flicks have my undivided attention from start to finish.

In my opinion, the best part of these types of movies are the characters, and in particular, the lead character. Every action film has that one character who is just larger than life and continually finds his/her way out of every situation.

After watching several movies, I have been inspired to recognize these lead characters that I love and fear at the same time. Here are some of my favorite lead characters in action films.

Bryan Mills – Taken series

Bryan Mills is a horrifying character. He is played by Liam Neeson, who is the perfect actor to play the role of this character. Neeson is already one of the most intimidating-looking actors out there, and plays this type of role in several films.

Neeson’s famous line in Taken

I am confident that the fictional character, Bryan Mills, could walk into a room and find a way to kill everyone in that room without a weapon in less than 30 seconds. This dude just refuses to lose. Grit and determination drive this man into depths that no human being should ever be near.

His wits are second to none. This character seemingly knows everything about everyone, and if you are on this guys’ bad side, then consider yourself a gonner, because he’s going to kill you in some form. He will find you, and he will kill you.

Robert McCall – The Equalizer

Robert McCall and Bryan Mills are much of the same. They both could kill a room full of people without a weapon in a short amount of time, and they both find ways to survive every situation they find themselves in.

This character is played by another great actor, Denzel Washington. Washington is another perfect fit for this cool, composed, criminal killing machine.

Guardian Liberty Voice
Robert McCall about to shoot someone with a nail gun

McCall literally times himself for how fast he can kill the people that are after him. The man has a stopwatch on his wrist, and starts the timer whenever the action begins. The fact that a man would take the time to actually record how long it takes to kill a group of armed and dangerous men is absurd, which is what makes Robert McCall so great.

This guy is also a little bit smarter than Mills, in my opinion. He has his opposition in a frenzy almost all of the time. Whether he has mysteriously disappeared from a location or has somehow tracked a person down and beat the socks off him, McCall may be the most witty character out there.

Jason Bourne – Bourne series

Jason Bourne is a freak. This guy is so fast and athletic, and whoever tries to pick a fight with this guy is just dumb. He is fast, he is physical, he is athletic, what isn’t this character?

Matt Damon plays the role of Jason Bourne in the series of films, and does a phenomenal job. It takes a lot to take on the role of a character like this, and Damon executes the freak perfectly.
Jason Bourne ready to take care of business

As I stated before, Jason Bourne could beat up anyone. This dude anticipates even the slightest movements of his adversary, and finds whatever way he can to take ‘em down one by one or simultaneously. Jason Bourne could blow the doors off of any character mentioned on this list, which is impressive, and maybe even do so to any character out there. This guy continually lays down the hammer to everyone who asks for it.

Doug MacRay – The Town

This movie is underrated. A group of Boston bank robbers commit a series of robberies, and their final attempted heist is the famous Fenway Park. The leader of this group is none other than Doug MacRay.

MacRay is played by Ben Affleck, who is phenomenal. The Bostonian accent is out
Doug MacRay in his ultimate disguise with his co-robber

standing, and this guy cares about nothing except for his girlfriend (maybe a little bit of money).

The FBI absolutely hates this guy, and for good reason. They cannot get any grip on this guy no matter what he does. He finds ways to escape every sticky situation, and does it in the most bada** and epic ways possible.

Also, he leads a group of robbers that are equally as ruthless and epic as he is. This guy is the perfect embodiment of what action film characters are supposed to be. He is a wanted criminal by the FBI who robbed Fenway Park. What’s not to love about that?

I hope that trilogies will be made of these movies, if there aren’t already. And hopefully more and more films like these will continue to be made. Everyone needs to have a fictional character that they admire and fear at the same time, like the characters listed above.