Netflix removes fan favorites


In this day and age, technology has taken over the leisure time of many individuals. And one of the main sources is Netflix.

Netflix has a variety of movies and TV shows that can be easily watched with only a click of a button. However, the problem lately has been whether or not it is worth it. Although the hit Birdbox was recently just released, it has been pretty dried for safe.

The problem isn’t necessarily Netflix having barely any good movies or shows, it’s the fact that they remove all of the good ones that viewers enjoy. For example, I was heated when they removed Family Guy. I was a huge fan of the series. It was the only thing I really used Netflix for, other than The Office.

I was curious to see what other people thought of Netflix so I decided to ask senior Tim Finley.

He said, “Well, you see, I’m not a big movie or show guy but I loved Netflix. It was nice. However, recently I cancelled my subscription after Hawaii 5-0 was gone. I don’t understand why Netflix decides to get rid of so many shows so often. I will be changing to Hulu.”

I couldn’t agree any more with Finley. Netflix removing shows unexpectedly and for no reason will really get on peoples nerves. It should be for the viewers, not Netflix. I constantly find myself opening up the app, scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling, finding nothing that appeals to me. I often watch movies I have already seen since the new additions are not as appealing.

I asked senior Will Austing, about his thoughts.

He said, “I think it’s alright but getting worse. They are taking the best shows off and just keeping their shows. I have Netflix because of The Office and Friends that’s it.”

He also added, “Dumb pissed when they removed How I Met Your Mother and Friday Night Lights. Also didn’t like taking Lost off. Their movies also bite.”

I agree in that Netflix now just wants their viewers to watch their own movies and shows. I understand it from a business stand point but in the end it isn’t satisfying the viewers, obviously, therefore it’s going to come back to bite them. Although some of their movies are decent, I would still like to be able to watch some classics from time to time.

I haven’t even attempted to watch Netflix in over a month, making switches over to Hulu and Amazon Prime. I know for a fact I’m not the only one doing this. Hulu and Amazon offer new and refreshing movies and TV shows. If you only have a Netflix subscription, I highly recommend Hulu or Amazon. It is like an entirely new world with these other two.

I love Netflix and hope they can fix these unexpected removals. But as of now, I will be spending most of my watching on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

In the meantime, step up your game, Netflix.