Zion breaks through his shoe!

Zion breaks through his shoe!

On February 20, Zion Williamson, a freshman forward for the Duke Blue Devils quite literally blew out of his shoes.

This was easily one of the most anticipated college basketball games of this season. After less than a minute on the court, the number one draft pick hit the floor. Zion planted his foot off the dribble and it blew straight through his pair of Nike basketball shoes. Even though the blowing straight through his shoe caught the attention of everyone at first it only lasted for about a day when people found out the star player had a knee injury.

A mild knee sprain is what was reported from the team doctors. Naturally everyone starts asking the question; Will he return? Should he return? Will he still go Number 1 overall? All of these questions are valid but are subject to opinion. No matter how you look at it right now there is no correct answer.

My opinion is that no matter what, Zion is going number one overall, but I do not think he should return for the rest of his NCAA season. If Zion is smart, he already has all the NBA agents in his ear offering him an ungodly amount of money. He is already set for the rest of his life and all he has to do is wait until he knee heals to start working for the next season and his career in the NBA. There is a lot of potential for Duke to win the NCAA championship if he comes back as well. I’m not a fan of the Blue Devils so I don’t really care if they win or not.

The Tar Heels play Duke again on March 9th and that begs the question. Does Zion come back for that game and stomp on the throats of the Tar Heels? Now anyone that likes college basketball would love to see that match up especially since he went down so early in the last game between them.

Gunnar Wall says, “It doesn’t matter Zion made a commitment to Duke to play as soon as he is healthy. He is a freak show. He will be the number one pick either way.” Duke is going to have to make up a bunch of ground with Zion if he wants to play because they for sure need him back.