The evolution of the Dodge

How the Dodge Charger has evolved to where it is now

Charger to Challenger to Evolution

Charger to Challenger to Evolution

The Dodge is a very popular brand of car that first started in 1914.

The first ever Dodge was built by John and Horace Dodge and legacy has grown from there. The very first Dodge car sold at a cost of 785 dollars and it was a four-cylinder car on a 110-inch wheelbase. This was the start to the legend that still lasts today.

Read more to find out how much the Dodge has truly evolved from 1914 to now.

The first ever dodge made

Now we go to the 1920’s and 1930’s. This was a rough time in United States history, but that did not stop the improvement of the car in any way. Throughout the 1920’s the Dodge evolved tremendously. The wheelbase extended to 116 inches, and louvers were placed on the hood for the first time,  giving the entire car was a lower appearance. Automatic windshield wipers replaced the single hand-operated wiper. Roy Chapman Andrews took three Dodge Brothers cars on a 10,000­ mile, fossil-hunting expedition into China and inner Mongolia. In 1926, the 12-volt electrical system was replaced by a 6-volt system, a move backwards. The car sold for around 900 dollars throughout this time.

Couple years after the first one made

The 1930 Dodge known as the Dodge Eight, or the Dodge, D-2 now was sold for around 1,275 dollars and the wheelbase was unchanged. However, 11-inch brake drums replaced the previous 10-inch ones. The great depression did not alter the Dodge whatsoever, and it kept increasing. The Dodges safety light speedometer had a lighting bead that would glow different colors depending on the speed of the car.

Ten years later and you can see how much the car has changed

The Dodge somewhat stayed the same for a decent period of time until we hit the 1960’s. It became more of a speed car than a family car and looked awesome. If one was rich at the time, this was the car that they would be driving. Biggest news to car buffs was the introduction of optional 11-1/8-inch diameter disc brakes which could be used with or without the power brake booster. Bumpers were redesigned with low skirts and high impact points for maximum protection. This car was known as the Dodge Dart.

the speedy evolved new dodge

From the 1960’s to the 2000’s the Dodge kept becoming even more popular than it already was. The 2008 Dodge Challenger in my opinion was the best Dodge ever made. It was never a big seller, but it got the public’s attention and was more of a speed car while they occasionally made family Dodges such as the 2009 Dodge Journey.

The best dodge yet

This basically takes us to the newest of them all, the 2018 Dodge Charger Evolution. This car is still in the works, but is going to be one of the best one’s yet and I cannot wait to see how it evolves throughout the rest of eternity.       

These are the types of dodges we have in store