Martin and Incognito: Could they have actually been friends?

A look into the friendship of Martin and Incognito

“Jonathon Martin was like Richie Incognito’s brother,” said Quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill.

If you know anything about the bullying case between Incognito and Martin you would think that that statement was insane. How can anybody bully someone they consider their little brother, and then later have that person feel they need to leave the team? It sounds absurd but the entire Miami Dolphin’s team feels the same way as their quarterback.

It all started on October 30th when reports began to surface about Martin leaving the team dinner. He had apparently had enough and did not play in the game they had the next night against the Bengals nor has he played since the incident. Incognito did play against the Bengals but he hasn’t played since that game.

Soon more and more evidence was brought to light and everyone was pointing the finger at Incognito, and making him look like a bully. Past experiences Incognito has had on other teams proved he was in fact a bully and a hot head. Pictures surfaced of Incognito with a sign he had in his locker stating that he hated two things: taxes and rookies. One of the biggest hits Incognito took was the voicemail they found on Martin’s phone stating things too vulgar to put in a school newspaper.

After all of this came out and everything pointed to Incognito, his teammates came out and said they never saw anything wrong and that Incognito and Martin were best friends. Something was wrong here. There was no way those two could be friends.

Incognito later did an interview and said “it made him (Incognito) look like the victim”. Incognito explained in the interview that he and Martin had been friends and were like brothers.

The Dolphins still have a lot to sort out. With all this unwanted attention, they have less time to focus on football. They need to get this sorted out as soon as possible and bring either Martin or Incognito back to the team.