Elderfest 2019


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The end of the school year is a great time for people to finally relax and have fun. Elderfest is probably one of the best times of the school year. Students look forward to this all year. They can play in multiple tournaments including; cornhole, ping pong, and Fortnite!

Senior Dave Brown says that he always like the corn hole tournament. He said that he made it to the elite eight last Elderfest. I asked him if he has decided on a partner for this year and he replied, “I am going to keep my options open for a while. I would like to see who the best partner is for my style.”

Senior Liam Geiser will be spending most of his time playing Fortnite. Many of you know that he’s is an aspiring professional gamer. Gaming is by far his favorite activity to do outside of school. He told me that he was the Fortnite champion last year and he wants to get a back to back and win it all again. Liam said that there is not that much competition this year for him so he is pretty positive that he will win.

Elderfest begins with Mass in the morning and then a speech by our student council president Maxwell Deters. He will be talking about how good the year has been. Then he will hand the torch over to the next president who is yet to be elected.

After this the day will continue with many fun activities and games. this is the best way to append a school day with all your friends one last time.