New Zealand attacks indicate hate still evident


On Friday, forty nine people were shot and killed along with some wounded at Christchurch in New Zealand. A group of heavily armed people busted into the church and started to open fire on the people in the middle of their prayers. According to there was a second attack planned. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said it was a well-planned terrorist attack.

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While the Attack was going on, a man was live streaming while his crew members shot and killed people in the church. A very gruesome and sickening act of violence that some people had to watch with their own eyes. The man who was live streaming the attack has also released a 74-page document stating that they were following all of the right wing extremists.

Dylann Roof was also a follower of the right wing extremists. If we all can remember back in 2015; he went into a church in Charleston SC and murdered Nine Black churchgoers.

Police found and deactivated an explosive device and also were working on another one they found on a car that was used by two of the suspects. says, “New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said 41 people were killed at Al Noor Mosque on Deans Road, opposite a large downtown park. Seven more were fatally shot about three miles away at a mosque in Linwood, an inner suburb of Christchurch, and another person died at the hospital.”

Love is stronger than hate. ”

— Chris Singleton

As the years go on we have seen a rise of terrorist attacks everywhere. We can remember the Ariana Grande tour where she had an attack during her performance. The children of Sandy Hook shooting. Dylann Roof in Charleston SC. These are just a few of the terrorist attacks that have taken place recently. When I asked Chris Singleton, a son of one of the nine shot in Charleston SC he said, “Love is stronger than hate.”

As a Catholic, we believe all people are equal, but really you don’t even have to be a part of a religion to see that. I don’t understand why people commit these acts of hatred towards one another. I always go back to the Golden rule; “Treat others how you want to be treated.” When I think about it, sometimes it’s hard to follow that rule, but it’s also not that hard.

My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered a loss or has been a part of any of these disgusting terrorist attacks because they truly are just acts of hate. Maybe if these people got to know their “enemy” before killing innocent people their attitudes would be different. I will pray for all those in New Zealand and for anyone else who has fallen victim to a terrorist attack.