Favorite movies to watch


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Movies have become very popular as the year goes on, especially for students of Elder High School. Movies have taken over all forms of entertainment. I got the chance to interview multiple students around Elder to see what their favorite movies are, and this is what they said.

Tom Feldman ’19 said that his favorite movie of all time was Rocky. It’s a classic underdog story of a nobody boxer who defies the odds and gets to fight at the big show.

Jack Burgasser’s favorite movie. (from the internet)

Tyler Schutte ’19 said that his favorite movie is Black Hawk Down. It’s about an Army that goes into Africa and tries to settle disputes. Two Black Hawk helicopters get shot down and the team has to survive attacks in the city with minimal supplies. This is such a good movie because it shows how the Army came together and worked together as a unit and defeated the terrorists.

John Conners ’19 said that his favorite movie is Birdman: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance. It is about an actor trying to find his purpose in the world. He’s scared of being forgotten. He wants to make a statement and create a piece of work that will stand the test of time.

Zeno Perry’s favorite movie. (from the internet)

Jack Burgasser said his favorite movie is Superbad. He said he loves this because it is a classic story of two high school kids just trying to have a fun time. They are constantly searching for something to do.

Jake O’Brien ’19 said that his favorite movie is the Wolf of Wall Street. He said he likes this movie so much because it is filled with crazy events. This movie has a lot of life lessons in it too.

Zeno Perry ’19 loves his comedy movies. He said he is an Adam Sandler fan and loves The Longest Yard. This is about a football player who goes to jail. He leads a team of inmates to a championship against the prison guards.

It seems like there is a wide variety of movie genres that people are into.