Best cereals

First of all, natural selection favors those who pour the cereal first then the milk.

1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

General Mills

Long live the cinnamon-flavored king, the most perfect cereal ever devised by men or gods. That’s just science. And you can’t argue with science. It’s the taste and euphoria you can see. This cereal is basically wheat rectangles covered in cinnamon-flavored sugar. If you want more from a cereal, you’re pretty ungrateful.

General Mills

Plus, those ‘crazy squares’ on the commercials remind you that they taste so good they are willing to eat each other.




2. Cocoa Pebbles


Because they are so small, Cocoa Pebbles can really fill your spoon, giving you a much more complete, satisfying bite than most cereals.

It’s also perfectly sweetened, makes it okay to eat chocolate for breakfast, and results in the absolute best leftover milk.





3. Frosted Flakes


There should be a statue somewhere to the man or woman who looked at unsweetened breakfast flakes and said, “Let’s just cover them entirely in sugar.”

Like that funky tiger says, this cereal is pretty darn gr-r-reat. Like whoever at Kellogg’s thought to just dip corn flakes into frosted sugar deserves a Nobel Prize. Simple, yet game changing. I like to believe that Frosted Flakes are actually the dandruff of angels.



4. Lucky Charms

General Mills

Maybe the favorite of kids everywhere, Lucky Charms is good because even the non-marshmallow bites still taste good. Lucky the leprechaun is pretty dang lucky he added those charms to his cereal, or else it wouldn’t have even made this list.

General Mills

The dried marshmallows are what make the cereal so enjoyable. Let’s just cut to the chase and make the entire cereal ALL marshmallows so we don’t have to manually pick them out ourselves.


5. Froot Loops

General Mills

A great tasting cereal with a nice, crunchy texture that holds up, and the milk that is leftover is awesome. This bright ring-shaped cereal is a little on the basic side, but it’s a classic cereal that isn’t going anywhere.

General Mills

It’s the Peter Dinklage of cereal: No one has a strong opinion about them, but no one hates them.

If you believe a different cereal should have cracked the top 5, then stay tuned for the overrated cereals list. your favorite cereal could be featured with descriptions as to why it is not on this list.