Life after the election

Candidate for Elders executive council before speeches in front of the entire student body.

Elder Instagram (Ms. Schad)

Candidate for Elder’s executive council before speeches in front of the entire student body.

Elder recently embarked on their annual student council elections. There was quite a lot of controversy in many of the categories that were up for election. The most controversial category was the run for presidency. We had three great candidates this year; Connor Ammon, Sam Harmeyer and student body favorite Joe Weber.

Going in no one knew who would take the presidency but, as the speeches were given it became more apparent that it was either Weber or Harmeyer. Both of the candidates gave phenomenal speeches and it became a tossup.

In case you live under a rock you already know who won. The question I’m trying to answer is what is life like after the election? Will Tuttle, Elder’s new communications officer commented on this subject and said, “It’s amazing what opportunities open up to you around Cincinnati. I pretty much get to cut in almost every line in town. I spend a great majority of my day signing autographs and taking fan photos. Can’t lie, though, the pressure gets to me. I can barely sleep or eat and that has been a daily routine in my day since I was born.” Will Tuttle won the election by a sweeping vote of 451 votes to 81 votes against junior candidate Griffin Kelly.

elder student council candidates (elders Instagram)

Winners of the election in other categories include Jackson Geiser, who ran unopposed for secretary.   Jackson Geiser said, “People often run up to me and hug me randomly, I don’t know why it just keeps happening. I have fans all over the city who are counting on me to make a positive change in the Elder community.  There are crowds of all sorts of people outside my window every morning trying to get interviews.” As you can see it is a life changing experience when you are elected to student council.

Jack Langen won the vice presidency. Jack is the brother of past Elder president Lou Langen. Elder has deep roots of tradition and what better way to show that then keeping the council a Langen legacy.  Jack said, “I am so happy to be the vice president. I know I will do a phenomenal job and will bring so much to the table.” Jack has been bombarded with questions and reporters much like the rest but, he has stressed his concerns saying “people have been leaving dinners, however, I am terrified to eat a meal that I don’t know who made it. There was spaghetti on my porch that was left with a note that read I’m your biggest fan.”

Life changing moments happen at some point in our lives and for these men at Elder it is now. We remain optimistic that we voted the right people to office that will be a catalyst of change in our school. Will these men live up to the hype? Or will they crack under pressure? Only time will tell.