Body Armor versus Gatorade

The Uprising of Armor


Body Armor is better for health

I’m sure everybody here at Elder High School knows of these two drinks.

They are both energy drinks that quench your thirst and taste delicious. When student athletes are worn out and tired, I am sure that they go to one of these two drinks as the answer to regain their energy and also their electrolytes. The reason for this opinion based article is the simple fact that we have a very large number of student athletes here at Elder, and I promise every single one has heard of these drinks.

Let’s jump right into it!

First off, Gatorade gives you kidney stones, therefore body armor is better. Hahaha, just kidding they are both perfectly safe to drink on a daily basis. I would have to say that Gatorade for sure has more diverse flavors that trump the flavors of Body Armor. They are not stopping either. Gatorade just keeps throwing better and more mixed flavors out to the world left and right. The most recent Gatorade flavor that has been released lately is known as Peach Blitz. This was released for the Super Bowl in 2019, and I have only heard positive things about it.

The newest Body Armor drink

Body Armor may not have as many flavors as Gatorade, but in my opinion, the flavors are sure better tasting. It is not just white, blue, or orange like most of the Gatorade flavors. It has so many flavors mixed in one drink, and when the diverse flavors hit your mouth it is like you’ve found a whole new world. Some flavors that catch your eye just by the name are knockout punch, blackout berry, and pineapple coconut. Also, Body Armor honestly just gives you more energy in the end, and refuels your worn down body so much quicker.

Gatorade is a very good sports drink don’t get me wrong, but sometimes after drinking it you either still feel dehydrated, or you feel like you’re going to vomit. Body Armor is a more natural drink, has better hygiene than Gatorade has to offer. Also, it is a proven fact that Body Armor is lower in calories and contains more electrolytes that Gatorade.

“Thank you Gatorade. we appreciate your help, but we will take it from here”

— Kobe Bryant

That is the main reason, and or purpose for both these sports drinks. They are made to help athletes gain electrolytes back after training events, or game events. Body Armor has more of those to provide therefore it is the better drink.

I am telling you people Body Armor is on the rise, and is such a better drink. It took over the role of being the drink during March Madness this year, and appeared in ninety NCAA championships. Kobe is a very popular NBA Hall of Famer and he is behind and supportive of this drink. This is the drink’s largest campaign so far, and it shows how much it is on the rise.