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Front page of the May 2019 issue.

Mr. Rogers

Front page of the May 2019 issue.

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Racing star in the making?

Jacob Macenko ‘19

Staff Writer

Most people look at the sport of racing as only turning left and that’s about it. People say, “Oh, it’s really not a sport. Anyone can just drive a car.”

Well, what they don’t understand is the amount of skill, timing, patience, and precise decision making that goes along with it. Racing is not just hitting the gas and going. It takes more than one member of a team to put together a successful race. You have to get tire pressure right and need to make sure the engine is set up right. One time in a class I took at Elder one of my teachers once said that racing isn’t a sport, it’s too easy. Anyone can drive a car fast and come in first. Now although he may have been joking, it upset me because racing has always been a part of my family in one way or another.

Racing history

Racing goes all the way back in my family to my grandpa who passed away when I was in fourth grade. He drag raced down at the drag racing strip right by River’s Edge. Although he suffered a brutal crash, his love for racing was always alive as he went to a bunch of NASCAR races as a fan. My uncle built and raced his own dune buggies and was pretty successful doing it. One day on February 18th2004, a little boy was born who eventually would fall in love with everything racing no matter what it is.

This little boy who is no longer so little is my brother, Jack Macenko. Jack is now a freshman at Elder and his whole life he has loved anything that had wheels and moved. He always wanted to go fast. I can remember all the way back when the golf course Deer Run was still open. My dad and I would go over late to play a couple holes because we lived across the street and jack wouldn’t want to play, but he would love to drive the golf cart.

Jack has always been made fun of for his height from many people, but he has used this ignorance from people that judge his heart based on his size and let it drive him to do something special. Jack runs cross country at Elder and he plays lacrosse as well and although he loves these two sports, his real passion is when he is behind the wheel of his race car.

There has always been a crazy passion inside Jack for racing and it all started when he got the NASCAR racing game when he was maybe in first grade. This passion led to Jack getting behind the wheel for real and seeing where his passion would take him.

The madness begins

The summer Jack was going into third grade was when the madness started. Jack was just 8 years old and the thought of my little brother behind the wheel of a race car was absolutely terrifying for my parents, my sister, and myself. The process of finding him a car and all of the racing gear has started and, wow, was that just the beginning.

I remember going with Jack and my dad when he got his first car and we thought he would just get in and drive and that wasn’t the case at all. The seats had to be molded to his body so he wouldn’t fly out of the car. I do not remember how much this 8 year old weighed but it was something close to the amount of a gallon of milk.

Jack was tiny so therefore they needed to add blocks of lead weight to the car just so he could clear the weight restrictions the track had for him and his cart. My dad thought that this would be it. All he would have to do is put the cart in the back of the truck and go to the race and then do the same thing the next week but, oh goodness, was he wrong.

This little Friday night thing we thought would be a fun activity for Jack to do turned into something we were never expecting. After a year of racing he had to buy a trailer for Jack’s cart. Jack needed extra tires and extra gears to change out. The cart needed to be run on alcohol instead of gasoline and the after the race filtered back out with gasoline. The cart needed its oil changed after ever race and tire pressure checked as well. The hardness and softness of a tire is the key to speed and how well the car is going to handle. I’m pretty sure even after four years of doing this, my dad still has no clue what he was doing but it didn’t matter because Jack would go on to success we never imagined.

Never nervous

All of Jack’s races the first couple years of his racing career took place at Lawrenceburg motorcycle speedway. This track raced carts, bikes, and quads. The first time Jack sat in the car for his first race I thought he would be nervous, but this wasn’t the case. I remember telling him to be careful, it’s your first race. If any of you happen to know his little smart attitude and remarks he said something along the lines of, “Dude, I’ll be fine, but thank you.” There I am watching my 8-year old brother race a car that at the time I thought was going super-fast but in reality they were only going around 20 to 25 miles per hour.

Jack was a natural, and honestly it was like he was someone else when he got behind the wheel of a car. Jack was nothing short of amazing for his first couple years of racing that he raced a total of 162 races and came in first 106 times and second place 30 times. Not all of these races were with the same groups of guys either. Jack switched to three different restrictor plate levels. Jack moved up to eventually racing kids my age and adults as well and guess what. Jack was winning! This still little 12-year old kid was racing people my age and beating them.

Adding a coach and sponsors

Jack had sort of a racing coach who goes by the name Justin Westerfield. Justin is an Unlimited All-stars National Champion which in the world of cart racing is a huge accomplishment. I remember having a conversation with my father while we were out cutting grass and he was telling me how he just got off the phone with Justin. My dad told me,“Justin said Jack needs to start traveling. He needs to get sponsors and he needs to be seen by other people. He is way too good to be staying at the same track and never letting other people see what he can really do.”

This conversation that my father told me about not only scared him, but freaked me out as well. My little brother turning into something we never thought could happen. This little gig of him going out on Friday nights to do something he enjoys was over. Now it was a job.

Jack went out to start getting sponsors and these sponsors would help him to get where he is today. My aunt and my dad would get together and make up a brochure for Jack to give the people he was talking to with some information about him and how much money it costs for all the stuff he needed to be successful.

When I thought about him going out to get sponsors I honestly saw my dad being the one to go and talk to these business owners, but that was way wrong. At this time Jack is 13-years old going into large businesses asking for money! Jack was not just asking for money though, he was selling himself as somewhat of an investment for these companies. Never could I have imagined my brother going into these places with his head high and his confidence to the moon and back, being able to walk away with a check in his hands.

Sponsors became the biggest part of Jack being able to race because financially it all started to add up. No more having two sets of tires. We had crazy amounts of tires and at this time Jack had two carts just in case. Jack was racing all over the place; from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, all the way down to South Carolina. He was doing what he loved so there was no stopping him.

The reason Jack was able to do all this was because of his sponsors who had given him so much money at this point in time he was able to start living out his dream. I can’t keep going on without naming some of the first sponsors that started Jack’s career. I want to personally thank Ron’s Roost, American Scaffolding, Valley Interiors, JTM, Brockman Signs, G&W products, Schmoe’s Collison, and Excel Carpet (along with a lot more that I am missing). These businesses have allowed my brother to start doing what he loves more than anything.

Jump to midget cars

Another year went by where Jack was constantly rained out in 2018. My dad talked to some pretty well known people in the kart racing world. It was time for Jack to move on from Karts and make the jump to mini sprint race cars AKA “midget cars”. Jack is now racing under the supervision of Mel Kenyon, a man also known as “the King of the midgets”.

Mr. Kenyon had a fantastic racing career. The motor sports hall of fame of America says “many consider him to be the best midget car driver ever.” He also raced in the Indianapolis 500 a couple times. Jack will be racing most of his races on asphalt in the mini sprint cars and all of the races will be in the Indianapolis area. This is quiet definitely the start of something that could be amazing for a kid that has always wanted to race.

Jack has never gotten the respect he deserves. From being called small and being told that he can’t play football, he won’t be able to play basketball and he will struggle in any other sport he wants to play. He has taken all that pain that comes with the ridicule and used it as energy. Not many people are aware of his talents and what he has been doing on Friday nights when he isn’t at the football games. All I can say is that he is making his dream come true. Everyone says follow your dreams because anything can happen and my brother is the perfect example.

To my brother Jack. I have never really told you how proud I am of you so after telling your story I figured I’ll add my own little touch.

Brotherly pride

Ever since you got in the car I have been proud of you. Despite what people say, they don’t understand the amount of guts it takes to get in and go every weekend. Let the people that doubt you talk, they are closed minded and don’t understand what the bigger picture is.

I haven’t been able to see you race in the past two years because of going to the Elder games, but you know I’m always shooting Mom or Dad a text asking how you did. Some people may not believe in you, but that’s just how the world works. You have an amazing support system behind you and no matter where you go we will be there. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you because there is no doubt you will do something amazing with the opportunity you have. From watching you play “I racing” and listening to how passionate you are about racing I know you will be just fine.

Good luck brother and as Ricky Bobby always says, “If you’re not first, you’re last!”

The man in the shed

Mason Berger ‘20

Staff Writer

Each and every baseball season, players are assigned jobs for cleaning up the field after practices or games. These jobs vary in what they entail. Some jobs involve raking, some involve cleaning, some painting, whatever it is, these jobs are expected to be done to the best.

Perhaps no one does their job better than Elder senior pitcher, Luke Masminster. Luke’s job is shed straightener. So essentially what he does is make sure the shed where we keep all of the rakes and such is in an orderly fashion.

To say that Luke does a great job in the shed is an understatement. I’m not sure if he takes anything as seriously than keeping the shed clean. This guy is a freak of nature in the shed keeping game.

There is no defining characteristic that Luke possesses when keeping the shed, each of them are equally as awe-inspiring and important. Tidiness, cleanliness, organization, whatever; you name it, he’s got it.

Luke has had a year’s worth of experience of keeping the shed. This was also the job he was assigned last year, so he is no stranger to the shed at the PAC.

I personally get to witness him in the shed each and every day the baseball squad is at the PAC. I am also a shed keeper, and honestly, I do not really do much. I pretty much just stand there and watch Chum do his thing. It’s kind of like I’m the backup quarterback who’s waiting for his chance next year, learning from the current veteran on the job.

I got the chance to talk to the shed master himself. The first question I asked him was what keeping the shed means to him, and Luke responded saying, “First of all, it’s a privilege.” Luke wasn’t sure what his role would be before his junior season on the baseball team, and he was given the opportunity to be the lone shed keeper on the roster. From there on, he took off with shed duty.

According to Chum, every day on shed duty is his favorite day. He loves having the ability to put things where he wants, and especially likes how he and I do not have to put the tarp on after games because we are in the shed. Luke also told me his favorite aspect of the shed has to be organizing the rakes and the rakes in general.

At this particular time of field clean up, while everyone else is putting on the tarp, Chum likes to stand in a particular spot by the visitor’s bullpen. It is a concrete structure that holds a bunch of gravel, and the man stands up there, arms crossed, and watches the action from his perch. “I stand over my edge and watch what’s happening.” said Chum on this manner.

When it comes to shed duty, a little bit of glory comes with it. Luke is repeatedly complemented by the coaching staff, specifically Coach Thompson, who tells us many times to listen to Chum and that he’s the boss. This just adds to his shed legacy.

While there have been many great days in the shed, on occasion, there have been some odd ones over the past year. Luke almost goes under cardiac arrest after he sees what the J.V. or Freshmen teams do to the shed. He basically reconfigures the whole entire shed after this happens. “I weep for the future,” says Chum on the future of Elder shed keeping.

One specific day, when J.V. and Varsity had a joint practice, Luke had a talk with someone he calls “the worst shed keeper of all time,” sophomore Will Stautberg. Poor Stautberg had no clue that he woke up the beast, and Luke laid down the law to Stauty. “We’re in trouble if he’s it next year,” said Chum on Stautberg’s potential shed keeping position for the future.

Also, there was one day where Chum innocently brought a stick back to the shed and started swinging it around just for fun, when all of a sudden a plague of little bugs came flying out of the stick and ate us alive for the rest of the day. That was a dark day in the history of shed keeping.

This shed is so neatly organized that people try to kick the door down and break into it when nobody is there, and this may have something to do with Luke’s master skills in the shed.

Believe it or not, his shed keeping mastery goes disrespected by numerous members of the baseball team. I will not name these players specifically, but some people treat the shed keepers as if their job is useless and easy. Luke says that these people are definitely the worst part of keeping the shed, and that these people cause anarchy after games and practices when we clean the field.

Some people are advised to watch out when they come to the shed. Chum is known to haze junior outfielder Tommy Thamann whenever he walks by. For example, I once saw him pick him up, upside down, and take a joyride around the shed with Tommy in his arms. Tommy may be traumatized by the end of this year just by the mere sight of the shed.

I finally asked him how he wants to leave his legacy in the shed. I personally brought up the idea of getting a plaque and hanging up in the shed, and he seemed to agree with that, so we’ll see how he decides to do this. He does want to plan something special for when he says goodbye to the shed.

Anyway, I cannot stress enough how amazing Chum is in keeping the shed. I really do not think he takes anything as seriously as making sure the shed is organized and clean. He is easily the best shed keeper in the GCL, and may even be the best in the nation for all I know.

If you want to see Chum in action, come down to the PAC for some Elder Baseball, and stick around a little longer to witness the greatness that I get to witness each and every day.

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Who is the Evans bros top dog?

Zack Williams ‘20

Staff Writer

Yes, indeed, yet another brother feature from myself to share with my fellow Panthers. This is a reoccurring topic that I extremely enjoy covering. I love the interviews between the two brothers, and the high rising tension throughout. I love listening to the brothers biased statements to argue why they are better than their brother. It is also a pretty cool thing to be going to Elder High School with your brother, and I want you guys to know which brother excels in certain obstacles, or events, and vice versa.

This week’s brothers that I will be talking about are the Evans Brothers. This is one that I have been waiting a while to do because I know so much about the two of them. The brothers featured in this article are Nathan and Robert Evans. Nathan is a sophomore at Elder High School, and Robert is soon to be a graduated senior.

These two are both extremely competitive, and I know that from experience. I spend a lot of time with these two because they are my cousins. That’s what ultimately made this story so fun to write. They are both very hardworking student athletes. I know I say that all brothers are hardworking in my articles, but these two work extra hard. They are always doing something, whether it’s yardwork, or lifting, or conditioning at Elder.

They are pretty much the exact opposite of lazy. There is never a time that either of them would pass up an opportunity to lend a helping hand. They are pretty much the same when it comes to school, and grade wise. Nathan might take a few harder, more advanced classes than Robert did at his age, but for the most part they are both really smart kids.

When it comes to video games, I think that Robert has Nathan beat in most, if not all of them. Robert is pretty solid at video games, while Nathan is pretty much just your typical average Joe. They bump heads more often than normal brothers do just because they are very competitive, and think the same way most of the time.

Now we move to sports. Let’s talk about three sports. Basketball, Football, and Baseball. Robert is a member of the varsity baseball team, and Nathan is a member of the Elder football team. Basketball is pretty close between the two. They are pretty similar in skill. Nathan is quicker, and is a better ball handler, but Robert is bigger, and can rebound better. Honestly, I have no idea who would win in a one on one, and I don’t want to find out because if they did play, they’d probably just end up fighting.

When it comes to baseball, Robert is for sure better. Robert is a solid player, and Nathan is just alright. Robert has a much more powerful swing than Nathan, and gets around the base paths quicker. When it comes to football, Nathan has Robert beat big time. Nathan knows so much more about the game, and is very versatile with the sport. He likes defense better because he likes hitting people, but he’s strong anywhere. He might be small, but trust me he is like a bowling ball out there, and really doesn’t feel pain.

At this point it is annoying because it’s pretty even between the two. The last resort is who would win in a fight. Nathan is smaller, but bigger boned than Robert. I’ve seen them tussle numerous times and it is a different winner every time. It really just depends on which one makes the other one mad. It’s really up to you guy’s to pick who is the truly top Evans!

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The more you put in, the more you get out

Steven Seger ‘19

Co-Editor in Chief

Growing up, I never thought I would attend Elder. I had another school in mind. My dad went to St. X, so I always assumed I would end up there. Though, when I walked into the long, brick halls of Elder on my shadow day in fall of 2014, I felt something different. The energy in the air, and the way everyone interacted with one another struck me. I had never seen anything like it. At that moment, I knew I had to attend Elder. I try to sit here and think about how different my life would be if I had not ended up here. To put it simply, I can’t. This school has been my life for the past four years. Everything that I have done for the past four years had something to do with Elder. Indulge me as I look back at my four years here at Elder.

On the first day of my freshman year, my class sat in the Schaeper Center listening to an alumnus talk about the next four years. He kept repeating how it will fly by and how it goes so fast. I just shrugged his comments off and thought that there was no way four years could go that fast. Boy, was I wrong. While I sat and listened to him talk, I must have blinked because before I knew it, I was sitting right where I am today writing a paper about my four years at Elder. It is scary, but I regret nothing. Everything I did throughout my Elder journey built me into the man I am today.

I walked into Elder my freshman year as a boy, and Elder knocked me down and has been building me back up piece by piece into a man. The first year at Elder was tough, I did not know who to be friends with. I came from a big school in Visitation, so I knew plenty of students here, but even then, it was weird being mixed in with all these other kids from all over the Westside. Freshman year was not easy. I went from being treated like a kid as an eighth grader, to being treated like a man as a freshman. At times, I was scared and I worried. I worried if I had made the right choice to come to Elder. It was not long before I found my friend group, and things began to change. Once that happened, everything else fell into place. I did better in school, and at that moment I began to realize what Elder is really all about, brotherhood.

Sophomore year was interesting. I tried a lot of new things this year. During this time, I really came out of my shell. I was not that involved in the school as a Freshman and I think that was detrimental to my experience, so I vowed to join as many clubs and organizations as I could. I joined Student Council, French Club, and even the Ping Pong Club. The purpose I felt I lacked my freshman year was coming to fruition. As my sophomore year wrapped up, I had my group of friends and I really started to have a grand time. I was ready to take on the beast that was junior year.

All of the guys the year ahead of me had warned me that junior year would be the toughest. With all of the college tests and work to figure out on top of a hard curriculum, they were right. Junior year was my toughest year, but up to that point, it was the best year of my life. Playing football for the varsity team was indescribable. There is nothing like it. I can promise you that. Junior year was interesting. I feel that I learned a lot about myself during this time. I began to understand what I like and what I don’t, and I began to formulate an idea of what makes me who I am. As the year wrapped up, I was watching the seniors graduate and have the time of their lives as well, and I remember thinking, I can’t wait to get there. Looking back, I wish I would have not taken any day for granted. Every day at Elder is a gift. Granted, some days you wake up and just don’t want to go, but that is normal. Get your butt out of bed and be here. When you are sitting here in my shoes, you will not want to waste a day here. I am positive there are plenty of alumni out there who will attest to this. In fact, I received a walk free day pass this year for bringing in enough money, and I am not even going to use it. I kept trying to pick a day, but the more I thought about it, I do not want to miss a moment with this special place, and you should not want to miss it either.

The summer between my junior and senior year was a blast as well. Working out with my teammates most days in the summer sounded hard and at the time, I did not always like it, but I already miss it. It is in those hard days where the brotherhood is built. It is the same way during the school year. You work so hard with your classmates, and as a result, you guys understand one another. This led us to become inseparable. As senior year began, we were really inseparable. Football season was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Walking off the field at Mason on November 16th, 2018 was weird. It was the first time that I realized how fast it had all been going. I remember the bus ride back to Elder that night, and I remember thinking about how lucky I am to go to a school like Elder. I really wish I would have come to this realization earlier. Since then, the rest of the school year has flown by like a jet. This year has blown all the other ones out of the water. Indeed, each year at Elder has gotten better and better. My friend group grew and it became closer than I ever thought possible. I am lucky to have each and every one of those dudes. They know who they are. Not only has my friend group been special, but all the people I have met along the way have been special too. Going to high school on the Westside is weird. You go in knowing a couple kids, and before you know it, you know half the city. It is truly a roller coaster ride. Sure, I have had my fair share of mistakes along the way, but I would not take anything back. I would not be here where I am today without these mistakes.

How is it already May? The idea of attending college scares me. I am not going to lie. I am going to miss being a high school kid. I am going to miss going out with my boys on the weekend without a care in the world. People talk about high school all the time, and always mention how it is the greatest four years of their lives. I have to agree with this. Elder has been the greatest four years of my life up to this point. The amazing part of this is that Elder has set me up to have even better years down the road. The education, the skills I have garnered, and the people I have met here will help to make these four years just the beginning of something special.

If I could leave you with one piece of advice for Elder. Give it everything you have. The more you give to the school, the more you will get out of it. I did not realize this my freshman year, and I feel like I missed out on a lot that year because of this. I would advise anyone who is on their way to attend Elder or anyone is already here to give it everything. Find your niche. Try things that scare you. It will be hard and it will not be easy, but I promise you, it will all be worth it. After all, nothing worth having comes easy.

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Class of 2019 Senior Awards

Jack Burgasser ’19 & Tyler Schutte ‘19

Staff Writers

Altiora Award:

This prestigious award goes to the Elder student that best represents what a man of Elder should be like. This student truly embodies what it means to “strive for the higher things” whether it be through sports, academics, or extra-curricular activities. This student also goes beyond the call of duty to help in whatever they can around Elder.

Nominees: Michael Bittner, Brad James, Colin Phillips, Kyle Trischler

Winner: Brad James

There was no doubt in my mind Brad would be the winner of this. Brad truly loves Elder with all his heart and would do anything for this school. Rather that was freshman year when he would yell, “Get your fingers up,” or being a member of student council. Brad is the model Elder man and Elder is losing a valuable student May 22nd.

Rip Van Winkle Award:

This award is given to the student who can never seem to keep his head up and stay awake in class. The nominees all have been through Mr. Bell’s infamous hand sanitizer shower and also felt the fury of a Mr. Nie bricksheet. Each has their own story to why they can’t keep their eyes open but all of these guys aren’t afraid to put their heads down and take a quick nap, no matter who the teacher is.

Nominees: Patrick Brogan, Nate Cirincione, Ryan Doll, Zeno Perry

Winner: Zeno Perry

Over the years I’ve had my fair share of classes with Zeno and in almost all of them at some point I’ve seen him fall asleep at his desk. This year especially in Pre-Calculus he seems to fall asleep nearly every day and it’s even contagious with some of his classmates around him frequently dosing off as well.

Tight Leash Award:

This award is given to the guy who can’t seem to lay off his significant other. Planning on asking this student to hangout on the weekends? Just forget about it, him and baby cakes have already had plans since last month. If it’s an emergency and you need to see this guy immediately, your best bet is probably to just take a trip over to his girl’s house, because he’s most likely over there helping her mother cook while also giving his girlfriend a foot massage.

Nominees: Tom Feldman, Matt Larkin, Luke Masminster, Matthew Schwallie

Winner: Matthew Schwallie

I mean what can I say there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Schwallie would win this. This award runs in the family his brother Adam Schwallie won this award in 2017 and now it’s Matthew in 2019. I would ask him about his thoughts on winning this award, but he is not at school today and I legitimately think he skipped to hang out with his girlfriend.

Rogaine Award:

This award is given to the student who is damn near bald at the age of 18. His hairline is pushed way back to the point of no return. It’s sad to see it happen so such young men, but it’s also hilarious to watch. Jokes have been flying since freshman year and have shown any signs of stopping. Prayers to these poor souls who won’t have any hair by the time they are 21. All jokes aside, congrats on the accomplishment of winning the “Rogaine” award.

Nominees: Zach Beiersdorfer, Brad James, Zeno Perry, Tyler Schutte

Winner: Tyler Schutte

This might’ve been the closest award on the list with Schutte and Zeno coming down to wire. They’ve both received numerous jokes about their hairlines over the years with Zeno usually taking most of the heat, but with Schutte’s most recent haircut it became clear to everyone that my dude needed some Rogaine ASAP.

Mr. Flaherty’s Foe Award:

This award is given to the student who you may never have seen, but you definitely have heard the name. This guy is constantly being called down to see the ol’ Dean of Discipline after homeroom. Whether it’s too many absences or using Twitter as a weapon to ruin people’s lives, this student is almost always paddling Mr. Flaherty’s river upstream without a paddle. These guys are also used to having school six days a week, and aren’t even phased by a demerit slip.

Nominees: John Cummings, Matthew Listermann, Joey Ward

Winner: John Cummings

This year’s winner is unlikely one. John has never been a trouble maker and most if not all teachers like him. Even Mr. Flaherty likes John. I truly believe teachers feel bad getting John in trouble with the big man, but John gives them no choice. In all honesty I never again think a student like John could win this award he’s just too nice, but his constant bathroom trips between bells and Zeno’s inability to ask his parents if he could stay home has made John this year’s winner.

Nick Swardson Award:

This award goes to the student who is perceived as the traditional “class clown.” Many people can tell themselves that they are funny, but these guys have a unique way to spread their comedy throughout the entire classroom. The bottom line is these kids just enjoy having a good time. They thrive on getting the laughs and energy from their classmates/teachers, and can put a smile on anybody’s face.

Nominees: Spencer Bono Miles Bush, Zach Metzner, Hans Taylor

Winner: Spencer Bono

Spencer Bono, along with being a great athlete never fails to put a smile on a classmate’s face. I’ve had the privilege to be in homeroom all four years with Bono and every morning it’s always something new whether it be one of his odd phrases or comparing classmates to Minecraft Villagers.

Meg Griffin Award:

This one doesn’t need much of a description. Meg Griffin is not very well liked in the famous show Family Guy so… you get the point.

Nominees: Scott Brown, Tom Feldman, Brad James, DJ Melillo

Winner: DJ Melillo

I mean who else could it be honestly, anybody who has hung out with DJ knows why he won this award. He constantly annoys his friends with his stupid phrases and actions.  Every time DJ walks into a party you can usually hear a sigh of displeasure from half the people there. It’s all in good fun though, congrats on the award DJ.

Bromance Award:

This award goes to the two guys that are always at each other’s side. They sit by each other at lunch, walk through the hallways together, and can always be seen with each other on the weekend. These two guys are inseparable.

Nominees: Zach Bischoff & Zach Metzner, Jack Burgasser & John Conners, Tom Feldman & DJ Melillo, Sean O’Conner & Pat Tiernan

Winners: Sean O’Conner & Pat Tiernan

This award was won by a landslide. Pat and OC are inseparable they constantly are talking about sports and have a tournament in MLB show that is best out of 300 games. This Bromance was meant to be, they both are nerds and take all the nerd classes together and love sports to an unhealthy level. I wish this couple the best.

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The simple private moments

Maxwell Deters ‘19

Staff Writer

To follow the tradition of sharing a quote from The Office, I chose this one from Michael Scott, “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going.  I just hope I find it along the way.”

This quote resonated with me for many reasons.  The first is because I had to give this speech today (Elderfest 05/03/19).  I’ve been thinking about it for weeks.  I started going one direction and then restarted and went another, not sure where it would end up.

Another reason I chose this quote is because today is about saying farewell to the graduating seniors and passing the torch to the next class to lead our school.  It is the start of new beginning with many uncertainties.  We all just hope we find meaning along the way.

Finally, I think the seniors will agree that although we started our freshman year not fully understanding what it meant to be a Panther. We have found extreme pride in wearing purple along the way. It’s been a privilege to be your president, and it is an honor to speak today.  It’s is hard to wrap up four years of brotherhood in a short speech but I’ll try.

I started reminiscing by looking through my freshman yearbook.  I saw images of all of us starting our journey but very unsure of where it was going. We walked into Elder for freshman orientation with excitement and a few nerves.  But we found purpose and pride, along the way.

We found purpose through food and toy drives, blood drives, Kairos, the Walk for Others, school Masses, and maybe the most impactful event, the Mark Klusman Day of Service.  We found pride through pep rallies, grade school days, Catholic Schools Week, Elderfest, participation in clubs, and of course, being part of the greatest cheering section of all time.

We started not knowing where it was going and maybe being slightly intimidated by the legacy of Elder.  But along the way we discovered that this building is not just a school, it never has been, it’s our home and the people in it, the faculty, alumnae, and students, are our family.  Like family we have had each other’s backs.

Just like family, some members, not mentioning any names, may have driven us crazy, but just like family we have grown together learning to appreciate each other and respect our differences.

When you think back over the years, big events stand out like: Ronnie’s epic 98 yard interception return, Senior Prom, raising almost $300,000 Walking for Others, and even surviving an attempt at a dishrack from Oak Hills.

Perhaps the biggest event of our four years at Elder wasn’t one that brought joy but great sadness.  Saying goodbye to Mr. Klusman had us digging deep for our faith, and still shakes us to the core.  We continue to be thankful for the lessons he taught us and the example he set.

Like past grades, our class has produced amazing athletes, scholars, and artists.  This school is filled with winners, fighters, and leaders. While I am so proud of these individual and group achievements, I think what we will really remember and the events that really shaped us were the simple, small, and private moments.

That time when a friend sat with you and talked you through your problems. That time a teacher checked in on you because you didn’t seem to be yourself. That time a coach pulled you aside and gave you a little more courage. That time an upper classmen took the time to say hello. That time you realized that you were on the other side of a difficult situation That time someone showed you a little love when you were having a bad day. That time someone acknowledged your hard work. That time you felt invisible and someone saw you.

These impactful moments are the most memorable because all are a result of how someone made you feel.  Our time here will not be remembered by grades, athleticism, star performers, or status, but by our relationships. Not everyone’s greatness made it onto the news or into The Quill. In fact, most of our greatness was seen by only a few, but striving for Altiora has never meant being the CEO of a company, being drafted by the NFL, or achieving fame.  “Higher things” lie in everyday acts of kindness and the impact we have on others.

When we reflect on those that showed us patience, understanding, and kindness, we will be flooded with memories involving the backbone of our Elder family, our teachers and faculty.

You would be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t believe in us and our potential.

Mr. Reiring-goes above and beyond teaching English to lead student council, organize events, Mr. Quatman-comes in on weekends, or stays after school to help plan pep rallies, oversee the cheering section and always willing to lend a helping hand. Mr. Rogers-commits so much time to ENN, The Purple Quill, and sharing his talents; organizing plays.

Mr. Fuelldedicates so much time and energy to ENN by coming in early and staying late, even if it is only up and running half the time. Mrs. Hirth-spends countless hours capturing our memories and crafting 300 pages of yearbook to preserve these moments. Every teacher and faculty member deserves to be individually mentioned and appreciated.  From Dee Dee in the bookstore to Mr. Ruffing in the principal’s office.

From Mrs. Pavey securing the gates at night to Mrs. Tuttle helping me with the common app…and on and on.  You could search across the country and not find better.  Let’s give them a round of applause.

Today it is US, tomorrow it will by you. We may be separated by graduation years but we are a continuum.  Take the example of leadership from the class of 2019 and move forward to make a difference.  Take our shortcomings, and learn to do better.  Don’t just go through the motions and ride our coattails. Contribute to the continuum. Allow your Panther pride to grow, leave a legacy.

You may wish time away, like most of us do, and let eagerness for the next chapter get in the way of embracing the now. All too soon, this will be you, saying farewell to your high school years, and you too will are going to wish for one more purple Friday at 3900 Vincent St., one more pep rally, one more cheering section in the PIT, one more day to where khaki’s and an Elder polo, one more day.

Class of 2020, you are the leaders of this school.  Although it brings us a little sadness to pass the torch, we are excited for you all to experience your senior year and make your final mark on Elder High School.  We wish you the best.  Always know that we are cheering you on.

2019 games to look for

Jarod Timmers ‘19

Staff Writer

After an extremely strong year of games that came out in 2018, none of the games that have been put out in

2019 seem to be able to match the quality we saw in the previous year. Despite this, there are some games on the horizon that may be able to reach the bar set by those games in 2018.

To put the types of games released in this year into perspective, we need to look at the plethora of masterpieces

that were put out. One of those games was Rockstar Games’ “Red Dead Redemption 2”. This game received massive critical acclaim, a very impressive amount of awards, and was in just about every person’s running for game of the year.

The other most critically acclaimed game released in 2018 was Santa Monica Studio’s “God of War”. I have not

heard a single negative review from anyone, online or in person, about this game. It received quite a few perfect scores from many game reviewing outlets, and even won game of the year according to most sources.

These two games alone are enough to make 2018 a standout year for video games, but there were also quite a

few other games that were top tier. Despite their strength, one game coming out September of this year that I think has a chance to stand up to these powerhouses is Gearbox Software’s “Borderlands 3”. If this game can match up to its predecessor, “Borderlands 2,” it will definitely be a contender for one of the top games of 2019. The problem seems to be that it may be matching up too well, though, because the trailer for the game has received mixed reviews for looking too similar both graphically and in story to the previous games in the franchise. Nevertheless, I have faith in Gearbox not to tarnish the good reputation of their most successful and well respected franchise.

Another highly anticipated game of 2019 is id Software’s “Doom Eternal”. This game is a sequel to the 2016

game “Doom”, which was very well received for its single-player gameplay and the way that it was able to capture the same feeling that the 1990’s games did. Because of this success, “Doom Eternal” was voted one of the most anticipated games of 2019 at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards. Because of all the hype surrounding the release of the game, it is definitely a game to look out for doing well and also a game to consider buying if you are looking for a way to kill some time.

The game that I’m most excited for coming out this year is Respawn Entertainment’s “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen

Order.” I’ve always been a pretty big Star Wars fan, so seeing that a game like this is coming out is pretty exciting for me. Although there hasn’t been much information released about the game yet, the information that has been released makes the game sound like it’s going to be a big success. First of all, the fact that it is being made by Respawn Entertainment is a big plus. This group is the development team that has made great games such as the “Titanfall” series and my personal favorite battle royale “Apex Legends”, so it only seems reasonable that this game will also be very well done. Most people think that you will play as a Jedi being hunted in the timeline just after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, which could make for a very entertaining and action packed game sure to please fans of the series.

These games are just the games coming out in the next year that I think will be the best, but there could be some

games that I missed that will outshine all of these. I don’t know that 2019 will be as strong of a year for gaming as 2018 was, but I’m still very excited for what’s to come with the rest of this year.

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David Brown ‘19

Staff Writer

Everyone that comes to Elder hears the rumbling their freshman year.  Everyone knows about the legacy this school has, which I think raises the expectations for everyone’s high school experience.  Thankfully, I can say that Elder High School truly did live up to the expectation.

As I got older, the Elder experience truly got better.  Obviously, I could sit up here and tell you about all the stuff I wish I would have got involved in, but everyone has heard that a million times.  I was involved in the golf team all four years which really helped me branch out to others not from my grade school.  Not to mention we were one of the best teams in school history, it was a great way to meet people.

Every year I made new friends, some who I never thought I would talk to at all.  As the years grew, the closer I became with my classmates.  From Friday night football games to countless fun on the weekends, the memories will be endless.  I’m sure the memories will continue you next year as I will see a lot of guys that will also attend the University of Cincinnati.

However, as much fun they came out of the classroom, there was fun in the classroom as well.  From Mrs. James’ lab activities to Mr. Gergen’s current event games, the teachers at this school truly out top notch.  Despite not giving 100% effort, journalism with our very own Gary Rogers was even a blast.  The teachers at this school do not get enough credit. They prepared every one of these students for our next phase in life.

One final thank you goes out to my parents for spending the money to go to this great school.  If it wasn’t for our parents, I wouldn’t have been able to meet so many great people here at Elder, and I wouldn’t have gotten a good catholic education.  There are countless others that have impacted my time at Elder for the better.  I am proud to say that I have made friends for life just by walking through the hallways of this high school.

It’s been a wild ride

Jack Burgasser ‘19

Staff Writer

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be graduating in a few days because I feel like I was just at freshman orientation. I was feeling nervous as ever, not sure how high school was going to go. I can now say without a doubt that it’s been the best four years of my life.

Although I’ve had an amazing time here at Elder, it has been with a lack of involvement that’s for sure. The only thing I’ve really done here besides attend school was write for the Quill, and I honestly don’t regret it. The amount of great people I’ve met and developed friendships with over the past four years is crazy, and I hope to maintain as many as I can next year as we all begin our next chapter.

I’m planning on heading to UC Blue Ash to possibly take up a major in journalism or broadcasting. Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed, especially writing about things I’m passionate about. That’s why I’ve really enjoyed this past semester with the Quill, and I wish I could’ve been on for longer.

Receiving the Best of SNO award was really cool and I absolutely loved making the “Burg Flu” video. When I look back on Elder I remember good times like those or like Mr. Dickman’s Catholic Themes in Media Class.

I’ve definitely had my ups and downs here at Elder like when I got a 20 on my World Cultures midterm exam and came up with a 100 on the final to help me barely pass the class, all to the amusement of Mr. Spencer.

I do wish I would’ve tried harder in my academic career at Elder, especially in my first two years. Elder has definitely helped me mature as a person and to develop skills to become an adult. I know I’m going to reminisce on the memories I’ve made here at Elder for the rest of my life.

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YNW Melly and the death penalty

Lukas Marlman ‘21

Staff Writer

Jamell Maurice Demons also known as YNW Melly is an American rapper, singer, and a songwriter from Gifford, Florida. Melly is currently 20 years old and he was born on May 1st, 1999.

Recently, Melly was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, and might even face the death penalty for it. Melly allegedly carried out the murder for “pecuniary” gains and that he is a “criminal gang member” as defined by Florida state penal code. But in March Melly entered in a not guilty plea to the charges, and he initially turned himself in on February 13th.

Melly released a song called “Murder on My Mind” which is being used against him for evidence that he his guilty.  The murder happened on October 2018 and the victims included two of his closest friends: Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr., who rapped under the names YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. “Murder on my Mind” was released on Mar 9, 2017 and currently has 204,694,149 views. According to over the past 25 years, rap lyrics have been used in hundreds of criminal cases; they’ve been played for juries and introduced as evidence in the trials of high profile stars and aspiring rappers alike. After the shooting it is rumored that Melly made the killings look like a drive by shooting. Florida is one of the 30 states where capital punishment is legal (death penalty), and prosecutors are heavily suggesting using it.

Melly has been in trouble with the law many times but his most recent offence besides the double homicides was on June 30, 2018, in Fort Myers, Florida for possession of marijuana, possession of weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon and drug paraphernalia. While YNW Melly did turn himself in his attorney said, “He’s sad, he’s upset, obviously. Those were his best friends.” However, before turning himself in Melly posted on Instagram saying, “To all my fans and supporters no I did not get locked up in Washington, but I am turning myself in today I want you guys to know I love you and appreciate every single one of y’all, a couple months ago I lost my two brothers by violence and now the system want to find justice.”

YNW Melly first began to take music serious in the eighth grade, when he first recorded on a friend’s mic. He then went on to put out songs and mixtapes on SoundCloud, but he didn’t get much noticed. What got him on the track to fame is different between people, but most would say it’s his controversial song “Murder on my Mind”. Melly said that he cites Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne as his biggest influences, but has also said that he grew up listening to artists as varying as Drake, James Brown, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift according to

Spring concerts in full swing

Carmine Domenicone ‘20

Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, what better way to wrap it up than a few Spring concerts performed by some of the most talented students Elder has to offer.

The freshmen started the week off strong on Wednesday, combining with Seton to put on a stellar performance in front of a packed auditorium. Around 240 total students participated in the show, 140 from Elder and about 100 from Seton. Sixteen freshman band members also joined the two choral groups adding their own flare to the performance.

Songs including “The Lion King” theme song and the famous “Country Roads” were sung and performed by the frosh. Curious to know what the students thought about their own performance, I asked a few of the talented freshmen.

“I thought we did really well. Some of the voices in our class, especially mine, are off the charts,” stated Nicholas Paff.

“I thought it was pretty fun actually. We all had some fun with it and just enjoyed the night,” added Patrick Ferguson.

According to Ms. Schad, some standout freshman voices include Trey Jansen and Ben Schutte who have been a big part of the chorus all year. Shout out to all the freshmen who partook in the concert and well done.

Continuing with the Spring theme, members of the Glee Club, vocal ensemble, stage band, concert band, show choir, and mixed chorus also will perform in the annual Glee Club spring concert on Saturday May 11 in Seton’s auditorium.

Junior Nate Ficker expressed his excitement for this event: “I can’t wait to show the crowd my slick skills on the instrument. It should be a great show, so it’d be nice if everybody came out and supported.” Ficker also told me that the band will be featuring songs from Back to the Future, Avengers, and Night at the Museum.

Along with the band, the Glee Club will be wrapping up their year before taking a trip to Europe this summer. When talking to Ms. Schad, she told me this will be a nice warmup before embarking on their journey. Some standout seniors that will be performing for the last time here at Elder include Zac Martin, Spencer Seibert, Tim Zang and Cole Hicks.

Some quality voices in the junior class that will be featured on Saturday include Kevin Klayer, Will Tuttle, Griffin Kelley and Dominic Cittadino.

Headed by the music department of Mr. Allen, Ms. Schad, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Post, I’d expect nothing less than a great show for all who came to out and enjoy it.

Congratulations to all the members who partook in this year’s freshmen concert and those who will be performing in the Glee Club concert. Your time and dedication add yet another aspect that makes Elder High School the special place that it is.


Newsom leads by example

Carmine Domenicone ‘20

Staff Writer

Hard to believe, but the 2019 school year is coming to a close with only a few weeks remaining. That being said, the seniors are cherishing their last couple of weeks as Panthers with graduation coming on May 22nd.

Among the many great leaders in this year’s senior class, one of these fine young men stands out more than most. Whether it be in the cheering section yelling “Fingers up,” or on the diamond encouraging his teammates, Mike Newsom has made a vial impact on not only the people he surrounds himself with, but the Elder Community as well.

Through his years at Elder, he has been a part of the golf team, the baseball team, Spirit Committee, Honors Program, National Honors Society, and Student Council, as well as embracing the Secretary position this current school year.

There is no question involvement played a big role in getting the full experience out of Elder for News, but the way he carries himself is what really sheds light on the type of kid he really is. His leadership, enthusiasm, and optimistic nature brings good vibes to everyone he’s around.

Talking about some of his favorite classes and teachers throughout his four year journey he stated. “I really enjoyed Mr. Currin’s calculus class. I felt as if he really helped me learn the material while also being able to understand it and remember it instead of memorize and forget. As well, I have really loved Doc Wahlerts Government class this year. He is a really cool dude and we have had a great time.”

When discussing a favorite memory at Elder, it is hard for any student to pick just one. Yet, I asked him if one has stood out that solidified his overall experience. He told me, “Winning districts in baseball last year was a pretty cool moment. It brought Elder baseball back on the map and now we’re back and hungry for more this year.”

As mentioned previously, News’ academic success over the past four years had been nothing short of impressive, as seen by the elite scholarships he received from several colleges. Despite being a quality student, he has proven his stripes on the diamond as well. Earning an athletic scholarship to Thomas More for baseball while receiving an academic scholarship as well, News’ recently decided to take the offer and continue his career.

When asked if he could’ve changed or do something differently throughout his years he responded, “Not much. If I had to pick one thing, it would be that I wish I would’ve tried more things such as fishing club or ski club. I feel like those would’ve been fun.”

His hard work and dedication has paved a promising future as he plans to study accounting, eventually earning a degree in which he will become an FBI agent in forensic accounting.

Although his time is cutting short here at Elder, the legacy he left and the spirit he brought will not be forgotten and will be carried on throughout the following years.

He said, “I will remember the people. Elder is a family which includes my classmates, the faculty, the alumni and so many more. So much goes into making Elder the special place it is, but it’s the people that really sum it up. I’ll miss it forever. These have been the most amazing four years and I don’t think I can put it into words how much Elder High School means to me. I hope others feel the same way because as much as I will try in the future, I will never be able to repay Elder for these amazing four years.”

Senior, Leader, Cables, News… it’s been a pleasure.


Kory Klingenbeck goes up and under

Lukas Marlman ‘21

Staff Writer

General Info

Many of you know who Kory is and you are either friends with him or not. Kory is a baseball catcher and currently plays on Elder’s varsity team as a starter. He catching for his brother who is a starter, and they both were on WCPO as the “Diamond Brothers”. Kory has a great attitude with everyone he meets and he is a great teammate/team player. Kory is 17 years old and he is a junior coming to his final year at Elder.


Kory started to play baseball when he was four and he played for the Delhi Eagles for 2-3 years. After that, he took his talents to Victory for a year, then to the Westside Raiders until he was 14. When Kory got to Elder, he tried out for the baseball team, and he made Varsity as a freshman.

Kory said, “My freshman year didn’t go the way I wanted it to go, but I contributed behind the plate and on the bases in 85% of the games.” It didn’t go the way he wanted because he had a .180 batting average and only threw out around 65% of the runners who tried to steal bases. Kory’s sophomore year was better than his previous year, he started the first 10 games on JV and then the rest of the year he played on varsity. Kory lead the GCL for batting average with a .421 average. Kory’s’ junior year is off to a good start because he continues to stay in the lineup day in and day out, but since the season isn’t over yet we should make any predictions.


Kory is a mixture of a class clown and a serious student. The things he says in the classroom makes everyone laugh and gives the class a nice little break form learning during the block days. Kory is the type of person that everyone gets along with because of his humor and his friendship. Kory can be motivated to do good work in his classes when its needed, but he also can be relaxed and laid back.

Students’/Teachers’ Opinions

Zach Williams says, “Kory is a goof.” Dave Brown says, “Kory is pretty funny and he does some not so smart things.” Many people like to joke with Kory because he jokes with everyone himself. Now I don’t think that Dave really thinks that about Kory but who knows, maybe after this article there will be a show down to see who’s smarter. While there are joking answers to what people think about Kory there are also well thought out opinions on him.

Mr. Boeing says, “Kory can be an extremely nice person, and at the same time he has a balance of seriousness and jovial.” Mr. Quatman also had a few things to say about Kory, “Kory is a nice kid with a nice personality, a funny kid, and he jokes around a lot.”

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Quill Rankings

Tyler Macenko ‘19

Editor in Controversy

When someone tells you they’re in The Purple Quill, automatically the thought of typing away, dropping story over story, and just an overall grind comes to mind.  For me, this is not the case.  Finally, in my second year on the Quill staff, I have decided to cement my legacy by dropping my first and last article.

Now that I’m a veteran in writing articles, I figured what better topic to write about than ranking all the other writers in my class.  With the supervision of Co-Editor Gunnar Wall and the input of Mr. Rogers, I can assure you that countless hours went into this writing to confirm the rankings are correct.  So let’s get it started.

  1. DJ Melillo

Last semester, Gunnar Wall churned out a power ranking and had newcomer Joe Weber in last place.  Everyone in the class agreed with this, including Joe himself, and expected Joe might be the worst member of the year.  Comparing him to some of the guys this second semester makes him look like a New York Times Best Selling author.  One of these guys is DJ Melillo.  Although DJ’s effort, commitment, and stories may be sub-par, he makes up for himself by continuing the legacy of having one kid in the class who just doesn’t give a ___.

  1. Tyler Schutte

Deciding between Schutte and DJ for the last spot was tough, but Schutte is a veteran on the Quill team so I had to show him respect.  He had the guts to take this class as a sophomore, and although he didn’t do much during his time, we still have to respect our veterans.  Add on Schutte’s Klusman Day of Service video, and some of the other articles he’s actually turned in, and he’s solidly manning the 21st spot.

  1. Isaiah Maas

I don’t have anything really bad to say about Isaiah, mostly because he’s never in class so there’s nothing to mention about him.  The fact that he only has three articles on the Quill website may be concerning to some, but as we already know, a lot of Quill members can struggle with turning articles in on time, or in Zay’s case, at all.

  1. Brody Tebbe

I don’t know what to really write about Brody, and when I asked him what to say his response was, “I don’t even know what to say about myself.”  All in all, he’s not a bad writer, but he’s not good.  He’s just one of your average Quill members.

  1. Jarod Timmers

Timmers was originally higher on my list, but when I took a look at his online profile, there wasn’t much there.  If you need a more in depth review of him, just look at the explanation right above this, and change Brody’s name to Jarod.

  1. John Conners

Another writer who struggled with turning in articles on time, Conners had all the potential to do big things, but never lived up to the hype.  Coming in, many thought we had another Jim Borgman (cartoonist for The Cincinnati Enquirer) on our hands, but John never ventured into the cartoon realm.  His articles regarding movies may be some of the best I’ve ever read and I believe he may be a future Oscar winner based off his performance and directing of short film The Burg Flu.  Overall, this Captain America and Rocky lookalike may have big things to come, we just haven’t seen it yet.

  1. Vince Bley

Vince has a good amount of articles turned in.  That’s pretty much it.  He does his job, but his articles never have the juice of his fellow writers’ stories.  Vince’s worst performance, however, has to be failing to finish his hot pepper video.  Rather than eating the remaining peppers himself, Vince had his mom and sister eat them.  Wow.

  1. David Brown

David is surprisingly a solid Quill member when he’s in class.  His decision to take on the Inter Alliance Club article proves that he isn’t afraid of venturing into subjects he has little experience with.  If he was in class more, he’d probably be higher up on the list, but the only time he stays in class for the full period is when Mr. Rogers catches him leaving.  All in all, solid writer, but he’s been struggling ever since his cousin/best friend Mick Cronin took the job in Los Angeles.

  1. Lukas Marlman

Marlman is like the Julian Edelman of our class.  No one expected him to be good, but he’s a surprisingly strong member of the Quill.  I actually had Lukas at the 18 spot originally, but Mr. Rogers fought for the young sophomore to move up the ranks.  Even though many people might not rank him high up, he’s got the grades to prove he belongs, unlike some guys.

  1. Jake Macenko

Jake had a pretty adequate first semester with the Quill, but in his second session, he kind of tapered off.  That being said, his last article he just dropped was by far his best yet, and moved him up this list some.  Now, I may be biased seeing how that article was on my cousin (racecar driver Jack Macenko) but he’s got the views to prove it was lethal as well.  All in all Jake’s a good writer, but he was busy analyzing cinematic motion pictures in the second semester instead of writing (watching movies in class).

  1. Jacob Hofmeyer

Hoffy may not have the fancy writing skills and all the views that some of the other writers have, but what he does have is grit.  Mr. Rogers moved Hoffy up my rankings simply because he’s consistent.  He continuously turns his articles in on time, and when you take the time to read his articles, you can see how funny this guy is.  His best article has to be his football lineup of the teachers at Elder.  All in all, Hoffy’s a solid guy to man the 13th spot.

  1. Will Austing

Will Austing.  The Headline King.  Just like Hoffy, Will is a consistent writer, always turning his articles in on time.  Will’s articles are consistently funny, but only to some.  The only major issue Will struggles with is drafting up articles that all of Elder understands.  Some of these articles are only geared towards seniors, but he makes up for that in the quality of the topic.

  1. Zack Williams

This is now Zack’s second semester with the Quill, and he’s already improved tremendously.  Some people on the staff even believe we may be looking at an Editor for next year (although Zack denies these claims).  Zack turns almost all of his articles in on time, but one of his biggest weaknesses may be his Basketball Trick shots video.  If you haven’t seen it yet, count yourself lucky.  Seriously.  It’s not good.  Overall, “Sheen” puts in the effort and that’s all Mr. Rogers asks for.

  1. Carmine Domenicone

Carmine is another writer that looks like a future editor for the Quill.  Many people thought he might be fighting for the top sport this semester after having a memorable first half on the staff, but his magic fizzled out.  Still, although his writing is above average for the class, his biggest asset is in topic choice.  This man knows how to pick a winner, and he has multiple times this year racking up the views on the site.  It also helps that he has 16 stories online, which is an absurd amount.  Keep a lookout for this young man next year, as I’m sure he has many headlines left to churn out.

  1. Jack Burgasser

Winning a S.N.O. Award is a pretty big deal for this class, and that’s exactly what Jack did.  Burgasser brings unprecedented knowledge of hip-hop and cinematic expertise to the Quill, proving that high schoolers can write about more than just sports.  Additionally, his acting in the Burg Flu was nothing short of spectacular and would have won another S.N.O. had the establishment not been biased towards the editor of the video and all the videos he’s worked his magic on.  Overall, Burgasser is a great writer and could have won more awards had he taken the class for a full year.

  1. Gunnar Wall

Gunnar’s another writer that died out toward the end of the year, but man is the guy special.  He’s one of those people who just have it.  His articles may not be spectacular, but people read his articles anyway and he’s a top-notch editor.  He also may be one of the most well-rounded writers on the staff, as he can write about anything from sports, to movies, to best cereals.  All in all, this rating may be a little high for him, but like I said he just has it, and that’s why he’s number seven.

  1. Michael Bittner

Michael wanted to be a lot higher on this list, but Gunnar, Mr. Rogers, and myself all agreed that is not the case.  Some people wanted Michael to be even lower, but I couldn’t do that to the guy.  In all seriousness, Michael is one of the top writers on the staff, and seems to truly care about and enjoy being on the Purple Quill staff.  Just like Gunnar, Michael is versatile and could write about anything you throw at him.  If we don’t see him playing on Sundays in the future, don’t be surprised to see him translating his Purple Quill skills into some kind of sports reporting career.

  1. Jack Baker

Only two people got their articles turned in on time over Easter break.  One of those guys is Jack Baker.  Jack’s articles are well written and just look nice.  They have the look of a professional publication and garner the attention of people reading them.  Add together his writing skills with his topic choice and he’s just an overall above-average writer.  If there was anything bad about his Quill career it would have to be videos.  I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t made a video yet, but his writing skills more than make up for that.

  1. Nick Gillespie

Nick Gillespie not only has the attitude to succeed on the Quill but also the writing prowess.  Being one of only three writers to win a S.N.O. Award is a big deal and Gillespie never lets anyone forget it.  Nick has some pretty hot takes regarding the NBA that a lot of people disagree with, but that doesn’t stop him from putting out the articles anyway.  That’s how you gain respect in the journalistic field.  Putting out what the readers need to see, not what they want to see.

  1. Mason Berger

Mason Berger is like McDonalds.  It’s never your first choice for places to eat, but whenever you go, you’re consistently satisfied and you always know what you’re getting.  I’ve called other writers consistent, but man, this guy is easily the most consistent writer the Quill may have ever seen.  I’m convinced Mr. Rogers doesn’t even read his articles anymore, he just automatically hands Mason a 96 because that’s what he always deserves.  Next year around this time, remember this article because I’m putting it in writing.  Mason will be a Co-Editor, and number one in the power ranking both semesters.

  1. Maxwell Deters

Coming into the Quill I don’t think many people expected big things from Maxwell, but boy did he prove everyone wrong.  This man had a stronger end of the season push than Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election.  Had he performed like that the whole semester, he may have just been able to squeeze into the number one spot.  His articles were made by an Elder man, for an Elder man, and that’s why they have so many views from current students, teachers, and alumni.  Great writer, but an even better guy, and that’s why he was our President.

  1. Steven Seger

If you are a loyal Quill reader, this should come as no surprise.  I think that if Mr. Rogers had to somehow create the perfect Purple Quill writer, Steven would still be better than him.  Steven is able to add together stupendous writing, topic choice, and execution in order to create masterpieces worthy of the highest esteem.  Seger not winning a S.N.O. Award in his time on the staff says a lot more about the award judges than it does about himself.  He proves that being an esteemed writer isn’t about the fame and awards, it’s about putting in your best effort day after day, and having the views to prove it.

Overall, this Purple Quill class is one of the strongest in recent years in my eyes.  Even Schutte and DJ can put out great articles when they find the time to turn them in.  Next year’s class has some big shoes to fill, but under the guidance of Mason Berger, Carmine Domenicone, and Zack Williams, I think they’re going to be just fine.

Avengers Endgame: Did It Live Up to the Hype?

Jack Burgasser ‘19

Staff Writer

Avengers: Endgame is the culmination of 21 total movies that Marvel Studios have released over the past 11 years, so with this it was obviously one of the biggest movies of all time.

The box office showed truly just how much hype was around this movie as it had an astonishing $1.2 billion dollar performance in its first week. Since its release it has been a topic of conversation all over. Everyone has been talking about it with many people even trying to stay away from social media to avoid spoilers. With that in mind I’m going to my best to give an adequate review without ruining the movie experience for anyone.

I have seen the movie two times already and plan to see it a third time in IMAX very soon, and that right there should give you an idea of how good this movie is. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has really produced some gems over the past few years whether it be Captain America: Winter Solider, Thor: Ragnorok, or even the aforementioned Avengers: Infinity War, but I can say with full assurance that this three hour extravaganza tops them all.

This film marks the last for both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans who have been extremely integral parts to these movies over the years playing Iron Man and Captain America respectively. With both the characters and the film series being legendary it is very hard to make a satisfying ending for one character of this magnitude let alone two, but they found a way to do it that blew me away and almost everyone I have talked to as well.

Another obstacle the movie the movie faced was the fact that it dealt with time travel which is hard enough to stay consistent with any movie, but especially one with as many characters as they had. This is where my only critique of the movie comes from and those are the time lapse inconsistencies. Without giving too much away all I’ll say is that they do a five year jump in the beginning of the movie and by the end some characters don’t sync up with it.

With that being said, they still did a good job with the actual time travel that took place with most of the time lines staying in unison. The movie also criticized the flaws of modern time travel movies like Back to the Future.

The CGI within the movie was also excellent. Similar to other Marvel movies, as they are usually dealing with superheroes that need CGI suits, but the work done on Michael Douglas was excellent.  He is 74 years old and was made to out to look like he was in his 30’s. The film also did a great job with spreading out screen time with obviously Iron Man and Captain America seeing the majority of it as this will be there last outing, but also in the final battle there were so many boxes they had to check off and almost every Avenger got their time to shine.

I asked around Elder what people thought about the movie since it has recently been a big talking point around the school and this is what I found. I asked two big Marvel fans in Patrick Brogan ‘19 and John Conners ‘19 and they both replied with similar responses. When I asked Brogan what he thought about the movie he told me, “It was an all-around good movie with good comedy and fun moments. It was also a great conclusion for the stories they have been carrying on since 2008 and the fan service within the movie really held up.” Conners, who is known as a big movie guy, had some similar thoughts as he went on to say, “It was the best superhero movie ever made and a fitting end to the first 20 plus MCU movies. The movie was constantly engaging and didn’t feel like three hours at all, my only grievance with it was how they chose to portray Thor’s character compared to past films.”

Not everyone felt the same way though as I asked senior Ben Mullaney ‘19 what his thoughts were on the popular movie and he said, “I think the movie is for nerds and I’m sick of people freaking out about it, you shouldn’t waste three hours of your life to see this movie.” Now while the overwhelming majority of the feedback to this film was positive, there are cynics out there which is understandable considering just how much publicity and hype the movie has received.

So to answer the question “Did it live up to the hype?” I would respond with yes, I honestly think that this was greatest embodiment of a superhero movie ever made.