Will Space Jam 2 live up to the hype?

Set to theaters soon

Set to theaters soon

Will Space Jam 2 be just as good as the original?

The 2021 movie is destined to be a top money maker just because it has been so long since the original was released. NBA superstar LeBron James will be the main character, drawing most of the attention to the release of the movie. James is one of the most popular and talented athletes in the world. He has been recently compared to the original main character from the original movie, Michael Jordan for being the G.O.A.T. It seems this debate is destined to remain a tie.

Space Jam 2 in production with LeBron James

Just like the original movie, the directors of Space Jam 2 are bringing in some of the most popular and talented players in the NBA today including Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson and Chris Paul.

In the original movie, the Monstars steal the talent from the NBA players to try to be the loony tunes. If this climax repeats in Space Jam 2, this might cause for super Space Jam fans to dislike the movie as they may have wanted a different climax in the sequel.

I have no idea how the directors of Space Jam 2 could use a different climax to the movie. The fans of the original would be upset if they removed any original characters.

With two years until release, many articles have been written about a movie that isn’t going to release for some time. Many people believe that the second will be just as good as the original because of LeBron James. LeBron has made a few movie appearances in the past and does have acting experience. Before the release of the original movie, Michael Jordan had never had any acting experience and the movie ended up being a huge success. So Space Jam 2 should be a huge success at the box office.

It will be satisfying to see if the Loony Tunes characters are graphically better than the original movie, but it would be cool if the nostalgia from the first movie followed into the second. Unfortunately for the fans, LeBron James has recently said that he needs a stunt double for his basketball scenes in the movie. Also LeBron James Jr. doesn’t have a role for the big film as Actor Ceyair Wright will play the role of LeBron’s son in the movie. Even worse, Ceyair Wright isn’t even an actor, he is a 4 star corner back who has offers from Oregon, Arizona, Arizona state, etc.

Space Jam the original

The other NBA stars in the movie will attract a bigger fan base. Anthony Davis, was traded from the Pelicans to the Lakers to help LeBron win an NBA championship. Klay Thompson played LeBron in four straight NBA finals. Chris Paul is one of LeBron’s best friends as he is part of the Banana boat crew including Dwayne wade and Carmelo Anthony.

Space Jam 2 has a chance to be a great cinematic film for the kids who love basketball.  It is up to the producers to see if they add a new villain to the film.

Ultimately, the viewers at the cinemas will decide if Space Jam 2 lived up to the hype, or was a complete carbon copy of the original film.