The web shooter strikes again

The web shooter strikes again

As many of you may have seen, the newest marvel movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, was a smash hit at the box office, roping in a total of 1.1 billion dollars. It is still in theaters making money. This was Marvel’s first installation after the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame. The plot of this movie was fantastic and leaves the audience with their mouths wide open in awe of the many plot twists.

This movie follows Peter Parker (aka Spider-man) who is struggling with the death of his teacher and father figure Tony Stark (aka Iron man). He is living his regular life again while maintaining his role as a super hero. He wants time away from being Spider-man and wants to ask a girl he likes out named Mary Jane on a class trip to Europe. During his tour, a SHEILD commander Nick Fury comes and pulls him aside from his class tour to explain a threat of “elementals” which are giant monsters made of elements. A man named Quentin Beck is also there. He goes by “Mysterio” and has spectral powers. He is there to assist Spider-man  defeat the monsters. After the duo fights a fire elemental, Peter realizes that a small robot came out of the monster. Peter and Mysterio celebrate and Peter gives away the pair of sunglasses (EDITH) that has access to all of Tony Stark’s defensive protocols. Mysterio turns out to be a fake and he was using small flying robots to project the elementals and his spectral powers. After deceiving Spider-man and Nick Fury, Mysterio uses the glasses to access all of Stark’s robots to upgrade his illusion projections by a very large amount. He uses the illusions to terrorize people and to make himself seem like a real hero. Spider-man learns of this and goes after Mysterio. After many attempts to defeat Mysterio and counter his illusions, Spiderman finally takes him down and Mysterio dies from ricochet bullet that he shot. Spider-man takes his sunglasses back and returns to New York to spend time with Mary Jane. Just when the movie is about to end, Mysterio makes a recording that exposes Spider-man’s real identity and that is where the audience gets left off.

Marvel has never disappointed in their movie production, and his film is actually one of their best productions yet. It was a great follow up movie to Endgame. The best feature from the production of this movie was the elements of surprise that were used four or five times that completely change the plot. No one knew what to expect which led to a very thrilling experience.

The main lead goes to Tom Holland who is a young British actor. The role of Nick Fury is continued by Samuel L. Jackson. Zendaya plays the role as Spider-man’s lover Mary Jane. The deceiving villain Mysterio is played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

The supporting roles were crucial to this film and I believe that the people chosen executed their jobs perfectly. Spider-man’s friend Ned is played by Jacob Batalon. Another very important supporting role was Peter’s Aunt May who always has his back and helps him live the double life. She is played by Marisa Tomei.

Special effects happened to be the entire movie both literally and figuratively. The Marvel MCU has always included very high level and elite special effects. The plot is about special effects as well. What a coincidence!

This movie has definitely ranked itself in my top 10 movies of all time. Everything is amazing in this film. The plot twists are epic and really make the money worth it. I highly recommend seeing this movie as soon as possible so that you can experience the same entertainment that I did.