Fantasy football takes over

Do some students choose fantasy over school work?

Fantasy football takes over

It is finally fantasy football season! Easily one of the best seasons year-round.

Fantasy Football is played by all kinds of people. There are all ages and enjoy watching the game. It’s fun to play, and especially if you win every week so at the end of the season you get all the money. I would like to speak a little bit about how time-consuming fantasy can be, who the top quarterback on every team is, and what students spend the most time tweaking their fantasy lineups.

There are some real fantasy football freaks at Elder. Aidan Corey had a lot to say on the topic. Aidan said, “Pretty much everyone that I know checks fantasy football all the time.” He then narrowed it down to senior Evan Vollmer. He said, “Evan checks fantasy football the most during class because he is always watching the waiver wire to see if a new player becomes available in our league.”

That information was very shocking because Evan is one of the smartest kids that I know  throughout the entire school. Aidan runs several leagues so he knows what the most common first pick was this year; Saquan Barkley. I also talked to as many students as possible about their quarterbacks and the most common quarterback on each team is Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Aidan said, “Pat is a favorite among fans and the numbers he puts up are unheard of.” I checked last years statistics on Fantasy and Mahomes only had one game where he got less than twenty points, which is amazing.

The real question is does fantasy football hurt kids during the school year? I don’t necessarily think avid fantasy football players spend less time studying than they do watching their team, but it definitely adds another distraction.

I see it as more of a choice. If you choose not to prioritize your homework, or studying for tests, and are only focused on how your team is doing then that’s where it hurts. In this picture, you see an example of a student  choosing fantasy football over paying attention in class.

Student checking his team in history class

Although it is fun to play, it distracts us from our school work, and you need to be careful, and know yourself enough to be able to do both!