Elder’s PFC progress

Image of the PFC

Architect’s rendering of the new PFC.

As many of you have now seen and hopefully acted in, Elder High School has added the Panther Fitness Center.

It has more than tripled the space and availability for students to get a work out in either during or off season. This new center even allows all alumni to get a lift in. It is marvelous inside and completely changed the game for Elder athletics and fitness. As most of you know, Kyle Rudolph ’08 has funded a large portion of the place.

We are all very blessed and grateful for Kyle’s generous donation. It is extremely modern, and it still isn’t fully completed. There is still a top floor to be completed. I had the chance to catch up with the head training coach, Adam Rankin, to discuss the present and future of the PFC.

Coach Adam Rankin

As of now, Rankin stated that everything is going very smoothly. “I thought that there would be more chaos, but honestly it is going very well.” The new space has allowed Coach Rankin and the fitness staff to train five additional teams in and out of season that did not train before. These teams include: tennis, bowling, swimming, cross country, and track. “The kids have responded very well to the new schedules.”

Coach Rankin’s goal is to get as many people in there as he can, so he is constantly opening up more opportunities for kids. The PFC is also meant to encourage and motivate kids to exercise and take advantage of the very new area. But at the end of the day, Coach still believes that true athletic motivation comes within and he is completely correct.

Zach Dugan

Rankin said we can expect more equipment to come through as this school year progresses. “The room has been able to allow us to expand our exercise library.” It is safe to say that this project has changed the Elder fitness and athletic program completely in the most beneficial way possible.

Student Zack Dugan had some thoughts to share on the new center as well. “I think its pretty cool, it’s a bigger space that makes working out a lot better.” Zach is planning on continuing his Elder lifting experience over the summer after he graduates. It is getting him stronger and ready faster for his upcoming senior baseball season.

Although the PFC is not completely finished, it is still very amazing and definitely makes people appreciate the blessings we have at Elder High School. This center is a great example of Elder’s true goal of striving for the higher things.

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