Is this the year to join the ski club?

Is this the year to join the ski club?

Winter is coming.

Winter is a time that some people hate because of the cold, but others love because of the snow and the chance to be off school for a day or two. Others yearn for winter because of the activities that can only take place in the winter because of what it brings; snow.

There is just something hypnotic about watching snowflakes falling to the ground on a grey winter day. It brings a sort of energy and excitement that is not available at other times of the year.

Students begin to become excited by the possibility of being off school, while teachers and parents alike dread the same possibility, as well as the slippery roads as they become snow covered. But there is another group of people.

A group of people that yearn for the snow because it provides them the opportunity to go out into the snow and cold and rather than hide from it, embrace it: skiers.

Night time is the “Perfect” time to ski. (google images)

Around town, skiers and snowboarders alike flock to the nearest establishment where they can get out onto the snow even if the weather has not brought it. Perfect North Slopes is a place that uses giant snow-blowing machines to cover their slopes and runs in feet of snow to provide a place where winter enthusiasts can come to quench their desire.

Elder has a ski club that meets every year and goes down to the slopes together to enjoy the winter together, but not many people join. Not many people join because we live in Cincinnati, the winters here don’t get that cold, and aren’t that long, so why would somebody want to spend money on a Perfect North pass if they cannot use it very much?

This year will be different. This year professionals have projected that we will be getting a much colder winter, with more snow than previous years. This may be the year for all those who are teeter-tottering back and forth on whether to get a pass or join the ski club.

Farmer’s almanac prediction for 2019-2020 winter.

The farmer’s almanac has predicted that this winter there will be lots of snow with some low temperatures. With low temperatures coming, Perfect North will be blowing crazy amounts of snow beginning in late November or December and they will be open late into the spring.

Elder’s ski club should be heading down to the slopes a lot more than normal this winter. For anyone debating whether to join or not, I would highly recommend it because this winter will be a good one and the ski club will have lots of fun.