Fixing a fantasy football emergency


Football season is finally back and fantasy football along with that.

If you are a football fan like myself, you have bet money in a fantasy league. This makes the NFL a lot more interesting for people, but sometimes your team just isn’t cutting it. When a record is so bad, a point of no return can be reached, and people can really feel like they wasted their money. I realized that this is a problem for many people in every league.

This was my problem and needed a solution. I decided to try and help every person who isn’t doing so well in their league by finding Elder class of 2020’s best fantasy experts to list some tips to get out of an emergency before it gets too late. The students that I have known personally to be very wise about fantasy and have many wins under their belt include: Jack Yungbluth, Aidan Corey, and Jack Collins. I got the chance to catch up with each of them to find out how to save yourselves.

Jack “Dutch” Yungbluth had some very good advice on this issue. Personally, he has a great team this year because he drafted very well, but he still had some advice to give me. “Find the positions that are hurting you, and make the changes early. That’s pretty much what I do.” Jack told me one year he started off 0-3 and made some changes that lead him to winning the league. “Watching most of the games is a pretty good way to find out what you can do to fix your team because it is better than watching the Bengals.” I agree with Jack on that part. His information is very helpful, but Jack Collins has some wisdom to share as well.

Collins has always been a sneaky fantasy player. He is not one to brag or talk about how good his team is doing. Although he doesn’t say much about his strategies, Jack is always working on his team and improving it. “Find out where you are hurting, and pay attention to the games and who is standing out. Underrated players are key to keeping a high consistent point average.” This made a lot of sense to me. Another strategy Collins uses is being patient with injured players. People are too quick to drop them, but sometimes they can go off on the field when they get healthy again. Depending on how the points are recorded, always try and pick up new wide receivers or flex players. “Every quarterback needs a good receiver, and he happens to have multiple at once. There are always players to be picked up.” That ended our discussion and I walked away with very good tips, but I had one more fantasy elite classmate to talk to.

This classmate particularly loves fantasy football. No sarcasm even in the slightest. Aidan Corey runs leagues every season and participates in many of them. He has won many times, and he gladly shared some information on how to solve an emergency before it is too late. “Abuse and take advantage of people with low IQ with terrible trades. You can stack your team. It’s a cold world, kill or be killed.” I was surprised with the bloodthirsty tactic, but he is correct. High stakes are present in any fantasy league. Aidan explained that people should next determine whether the rate of change of someone’s fantasy average is increasing.

Calculus is crucial to a successful fantasy team. “If you have star players, trade some for 3-4 good players and drop your bad ones. This is the only way you will have of survive and one of those players is bound to be good.” That was some very tactical information, and I have no clue how he realizes all of this, but I’m sure he is right. Aidan is currently 1-2  in his leagues and he followed his steps. His team is now predicted to win, and I can confirm that because I am in his league.

These tips are very helpful, and I learned so much about fantasy football on a deeper level. Anybody can make these changes and follow their tips. Save yourselves from a blowout team and take these guys advice. No one will regret it. Every person wants to have a good team, and they usually envision a positive record each season. I am making sure that people have what it takes to prevent a crisis and frustration. Following these tips will push you in the right direction to get your team back on track, so you can enjoy a part of football that is not the Bengals losing.

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