Forgotten television shows

These must be aired again!


Another Crazy day

I honestly just miss some good old television shows that were actually funny.

I assume the majority of you Panthers are most likely in the same boat as me.

I am writing this for two reasons. One is to remind all of us how much we really miss watching these great shows, and number two is to hope that the television networks grow up a little bit, and puts these shows back on air.

I am going to give my opinion on the top five television shows that literally every kid from Elder watched growing up. These shows are award winning shows, and voted as the most watched by the world. They are in no order of ranking, just a random five.

To start off the list at number five is Drake and Josh.

Drake and Josh was one of the best shows ever created. It showed teenage boys going through life together as brothers who did not necessarily get along all the time, but at the end of the day they loved each other. As they would show when they’d say “hug me brother.” The brothers were polar opposites with Drake being the popular, cool one, and Josh being the nerd. Their personalities were perfectly balanced by their clever, sneaky sister named Megan.

Number four on my list is Zoey 101. Zoey 101 was such a fun show to watch. It was based on a group of college kids that just had fun together. They tackled a different problem, and were always active which lead to every episode keeping the viewers on their toes.

Number three is Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. This was my favorite show to watch. It showed how Ned, going through life as a teen got through it all. He was not the smartest, nor the strongest, but he was smart. He had a notebook of a guide to survive school, and lived by it, and added to it every day which kept us wondering what problem was next.

This show is called the Sweet Life on Deck. This show was what every kid wished they had. It was two twin brothers that went through life together, and took advantage of everything they could on the Boat. They were also Polar opposites with Zack being the cool one, and Cody the smart one.

The last show on my list is Good Luck Charlie. This show was just one of those that caught your eye. It is about a crazy big family growing up with their little baby Charlie. Teddi, every kids crush vlogs everyday for Charlie to be able to watch all of their memories, and day by day lives when she gets older.

I have not seen one current television show that even comes close to any of these, so television network…. Grow up!