Forged in Fire: Gutzwiler Bladeworks

A look into the so-far successful blacksmithing business founded by Kyle Gutzwiler, a senior at Elder High

Forged in Fire: Gutzwiler Bladeworks

Kyle Gutzwiler ’20, is an apprentice blacksmith, forging away in his very own garage.

For years Kyle has been interested in smithing, deriving most of his inspiration from History Channel’s Forged in Fire. Kyle’s knowledge of blacksmithing is unmatched; he always talks to his friends and I about his start-up business. I have experienced Kyle’s passion firsthand.

As a result, I felt the need to learn about more Kyle and what he was creating in the fires of Delhi. I visited Kyle at his home forge to learn more about the art of metal-working and more about Kyle as a person. See the attached video for the results.

Gutzy Forge full from Gary Rogers on Vimeo.