Chili challenge


There has been such a debate as to what the best chili is amongst the Elder population that I needed to find out what the best chili really is. I blindfolded freshman, Joey Sinnard; Sophomore, Trey Jansen; Junior, Adam Duwel; and Senior, Aiden Corey. They tasted the chili from Gold Star, Price Hill Chili (PHC), Wendy’s, Panera, Camp Washington, and Skyline. They each gave it a score from 0-10 and then guessed what chili they think. They were honest with their answers, each one of them giving a score or 0 and 10.

It was a shock to all of the contestant’s that they picked Price Hill Chili as their least favorite chili out of the six choices. This does not affect how they view these restaurants, but does make you wonder how you truly think about food when you don’t know where it is from. To no surprise, Skyline was given 10s throughout all of the contestants after it was clearly identified as Skyline when Aiden shouted the answer near the end of the challenge.

Little did Aiden know that, if he didn’t shout the answer and Trey incorrectly guessed the chili, he would have won the challenge. Trey was later awarded with the remaining Skyline Chili that was not used during filming for winning the challenge.