Bad Grandpa

For ages 17 and up

Bad Grandpa

Jonny Knoxville and his crew have done it again.  In Knoxville’s newest film Bad Grandpa,  Knoxville stars as Irving Zisman,  an old man who has to take his eight year old grandson Billy, who is played by Jackson Nicoll, across the country from Nebraska to North Carolina so that he can live with his real father.

This film is hilarious, but I would not recommend taking your girlfriend to go see it. Like most of Knoxville’s works this is a film made to make the viewer laugh until they cry. Unlike Knoxville’s jack ass films this isn’t a film made up of skits designed to cause pain to the actor, but is an actual movie about the bond between grandfather and grandson.

But this wouldn’t be a Knoxville film without his usual antics from perverted jokes to farts and also physical pain inflicted on himself for the viewer’s enjoyment.  The best part about this movie is that the ordinary people in the movie aren’t even aware they are in a movie so you can see their reactions to the bizarre situations that the film puts them in.

This film was gut wrenchingly funny. From crashing through windows, to shop lifting and a beauty pageant, this film was enjoyable for the full 92 minutes.  Many people may find the movie controversial because of its foul language and its use of genital remarks. Again this isn’t a film that you should take your girlfriend to or watch with your grandmother, but is still hilarious and I recommend it for anyone over the age of 17.