Aqua Panthers diving into season

Swimmers look for even more success after last year’s record-breaking campaign.


provided by Griffin Kelley

Poster featuring the 2018-19 district qualifiers from the Elder swim team.

Around this time of year the weather gets cold, we’ve already had that first snow, and it seems that winter is picking up. For some people it’s the perfect time of year when weather is the coldest, to jump into the pool indoors. The Aqua Panthers have already started off their season with a dominating win over Princeton, and a small margin loss to the Bombers. With a boat load of potential on the team this year, the Aqua Panthers are looking to do some big things.

Last year the Panthers sent ten swimmers to the district meet, which to them was a success. But, this year they have more on their plate and are hungrier than ever. I got to catch up with some of the swimmers, and ask them a few questions about their goals this year.

Aqua Panthers huddling up

I’m going to be honest I don’t follow swimming very thoroughly, I’ll check in with the swim guys every once in a while. But, I’ve never been one to follow their progress avidly.

Hoiwever, once I got to talk to senior Griffin Kelley and some other swimmers, they changed my view and made me realize that the swim team is going to be doing some special things this year and to tune in. Before you can know the team’s goals, you have to know the guys themselves. Senior Griffin Kelley said that there have already been some standout swimmers two meets.  They are senior Owen Meier, freshman Max Brunner, junior Brian Ridner, sophomore Nathan Clark, junior Kaden Siler, and senior Nick Stenger.

Of course, there are other great swimmers on the team, but you might want to know a few of the more prominent names you might hear over the announcements in the coming weeks. Now that you know the names you can know the dream.

After last year’s great season of sending ten guys to districts, it might be pretty hard to top. But, to the team it was simple what they had to do. “Well first we want to win Best of the West, next we are looking to beat Moeller and LaSalle at GCL’s, and get some more guys to districts and state,” Kelley said. He also added on that he has been working in hopes of making it to State. Senior Ethan Cunningham also contributed a few comments saying, “By the end of the season we can expect to have some power relays and really run at GCL, Sectionals, and Districts.” Ethan also said that they were going to come as close to national powerhouse St. Xavier as close as they can.

Junior Kaden Siler mid race

I also got to talk to standout junior swimmer Kaden Siler, and all he could say was that he could feel that they were going to have a fantastic year because of the start that they had. After getting to talk to these guys I believe in all the hype that they are talking about. This is a collected group of guys that works hard year around so I believe in what they are preaching about the Aqua Panthers.

Like I said before I’m not a huge fan of swimming, but these guys really changed my views. I’m excited for the Aqua Panthers’ season, and everyone else should too.