Correcting my mistake

Back in November, I wrote a nice article profiling some of the potential Bengals for the 2020 NFL Draft. I thought I had some good insight, and I put lots of thought and effort into this article.

Then again, that was in November. The Bengals would only continue to get worse, and much would happen across the college football world since the article was posted on November 3rd. Now, the Bengals have the #1 pick, and the pick is as clear as day.

I am writing this article to recognize how foolish I was in saying that the Bengals should pass on Joe Burrow.

Joe Burrow (Burreaux) has been quite magical for the 2019-20 season. He has lead the LSU Tigers to the College Football Playoff, and they have since advanced to the National Championship after an utter slaughtering of Oklahoma.

In the biggest game of his young career, Burrow had seven touchdown passes and 403 passing yards in the first half alone, and ended the game with 493 yards passing and eight total touchdowns. Needless to say, he had a nice day.
Burrow after the 2019 Peach Bowl

Not to mention, he also won the Heisman Trophy in a landslide. It wasn’t even close.

CBS Sports’ Ryan Wilson created a mock draft, which has the Bengals drafting Burrow #1 overall, and said this about the Bengals taking him, “This is happening. If it doesn’t, the Bengals should be relegated to the XFL forever.” Well said, Ryan Wilson. My fandom will be in jeopardy if the Bengals screw this up.

April 23, 2020 will be one of the most stressful days of my life, I already know it. Once the words, “Pick Is In” appear when the Bengals are on the clock is the moment that I will need to be revived. It really sucks that this is the most important Bengals event for me in my lifetime: selecting first in the draft. At least we’re not Cleveland.

I realize that I’m really talking up Joe Burrow in this, and this definitely could backfire on me in the future. But right now the only thing we can do is set the bar high and expect nothing less than Super Bowls.

Chase Young, who I initially wanted the Bengals to take back in November, is still a freak. Definitely should go #2 overall to Washington. He may have a great career, who knows? But if the Bengals take him or anyone else instead of Burreaux, I quit. Go Colts.