Panthers travel to DC

Elder students participate in the March for Life

Elder Students by the Washington Monument

The March for Life is an annual rally that has been promoting Pro Life ideals since the court decision of Roe vs Wade in 1973. This event allows Pro Life supporters to speak out against abortion at the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. This year, Elder teachers and students took the trip to Washington to participate in the march, and promote their Catholic ideals.

I got the opportunity to interview some of the students who went on the trip as to why they went on it and what the march means to them. Senior Joseph Schultz said he decided to go for two reasons. “The first reason I decided to attend the march for life was to show my support for the movement and show that this is an issue that matters to people. The second reason was to experience a political rally. I have never had the chance to participate or go to a political rally, and I felt this would be a valuable experience.”

I also got in touch with Joseph Book, who gave his reasons as to why he attended, “I decided to go on the March for Life because I believe its a matter of putting your money where your mouth is. Now, I understand that some people aren’t able to go on it due to financial reasons or simply because it isn’t their cup of tea, however, I think that if you support the pro-life movement and are able to go on it you should. As far as my other personal reasons, this is my senior year and I don’t see myself having enough time in the future with college and career to attend it.”

Joe also went into further details about his experience, “My favorite part about the trip was just seeing people coming from all around the United States congregate in one place for one cause. It was just a thrilling thing to see – everyone, all together, for one purpose.”

“I felt like I made a contribution. You don’t have to bring a whole horde of people and a banner to make an impact, I feel like simply getting out there and showing that you care is enough.”

Students from Elder also bused with students from St. X while on the trip. Joe said that their harmonica and flute were pretty…interesting.

Elder Students with Mr. Kovacic and Mr. Schraer

It is clean that many people march for different and valid reasons. Some come to unite with other pro life members, some come in efforts to inform others as to why they think being pro life is important, and some march to simply experience a political rally. Regardless of what attracts people to march, they all come to contribute towards a common cause that has a basis in valuing all life from its natural conception.