Surviving the tank

Surviving the tank

The T.V show Shark Tank is a composed of five multimillionaires who listen to entrepreneurs sales pitches about their business or product. The entrepreneur’s goal in entering the Shark Tank is to become partners with one of the successful business people.

Receiving such a partner doesn’t come at a cheap cost however. The investor can take equity, perpetuity, or receive royalties on the business. In return, the entrepreneur receives money and a foot in the door into the business world.

The five successful business personal can range due to their availability. However the main six include, outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban; Fashion Guru Daymond John; “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary; QVC professional, Lori Greiner; real estate mogul, Barbara Corcoran; and the American dream himself, Robert Herjavec. Numerous celebrities have filled in for these millionaires but there are always five possible investors with Lori and Barbara interchanging week to week.

This show is truly amazing because it allows anyone in America to pitch their business or invention to the world and receive a possible investment. I especially love this show for the fact that I am going to major in entrepreneur ship and my passion is to one day step into the tank.

Shark Tank teaches America what it takes to run a successful business along with displaying what sort of questions you will be asked when looking to secure an investment. It inspires people to never give up on their dreams and to do whatever it takes to succeed. Sometimes entrepreneurs receive investments not because of a great product but simply because they truly touched one of the investors.

Mark Cuban has been known to be one of the more whole hearted investors, not only looking at the business plan but the person running the business and the sort of morals and trust they carry. On the opposite hand, Kevin O’Leary “Mr. Wonderful” is known for sucking as much money out of his entrepreneurs business as possible. He is often referred to as “heartless” as he makes more royalty deals with perpetuity than anything. To him, money is the only thing that matters. When entrepreneurs fail in the tank he often tells them “Now leave, you’re dead to me”. He keeps the show intense and makes you laugh at his crude humor.

I personally love the show and haven’t missed one since I first ran across it a couple years ago. The show has become the talk at the dinner table around America. It is amazing to see new and upcoming products that will change the way we live. Most of the time the product is so basic you find yourself saying, “That’s so simple.. Why didn’t I think of that?” This show has deepened my desire and passion to create a product or business that revolutionizes the way we as Americans live.