Hope Squad making immediate impact

Hope Squad making immediate impact

Earlier this year, Elder students were introduced to Hope Squad.

Hope Squad is a designated group of students from each grade that were voted upon by their peers to serve as student advisors. Their main role and purpose is to serve as a set of ears if students want to come talk about their struggles. Whether their problems be in or out of school, Hope Squad members give advice and are friends to all.

Elder and Seton are testing this tool out for the first time this year. Most schools in our area have had groups like this, but most of these groups are adult-led. Hope Squad is special because it is all student-led.

Recently, I caught up with senior member of Hope Squad, Connor Ammon, to further ask about this coalition of students.

First, I asked him what their purpose is. Connor replied by saying, “Our main purpose to be a main support group for anyone needing help in the school. We have been trained with tactics to help ease situations or potentially harmful relationships both at home and at school.”

Junior member, Mitchell Meyer, has similar thoughts about Hope Squad. He said, “I think it is very special that Elder was able to create our own Squad. I think it is very important for guys that have so much pressure on themselves, like us, to have fellow guys to go talk to. Whether it be about school or any other causes of stress, we are always here.”

Having guys like these to go to in tough times is definitely reassuring to many students who may seek help in their personal lives. The students in Hope Squad are sort of like counselors that are not adults and may be an easier outlet to talk to and connect with.

Connor summed up his thoughts by saying, “We are fully prepared to help kids handle any sad or difficult situations that they are going through. Personally, I have found it to be so helpful to be able to go to my fellow members and just talk. That’s the kind of atmosphere we want to have while assisting kids: openness.”

The student body was introduced to all the members of both Seton’s and Elder’s Squads at mass a few weeks ago. At this mass, all members were asked to stand and be recognized for their courage of accepting their nominations.

All 23 members of this group are genuine and supportive guys that are always there to talk. After all, each member was voted upon by his peers so they must be good dudes.

So for now on, if you ever are having trouble in or out of school, I am sure these guys are the best people to go to for advice or help.