Potential threat, Daniel Rippy, pleads not guilty


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The Ohio State Marching band performing their famous, “Script Ohio” before The Game against Michigan in 2018. Photo taken from Getty Images

The match-up between Ohio State and Michigan in 2018 was one of the most hyped games of the season. The game was supposed to be a close one according to many analysts, but the Buckeyes had other plans. OSU smashed the Wolverines, 62-39 in dominating fashion in Columbus. Despite the blowout win, there was another story line that surfaced to the public following the game.

Mug shot of Daniel Rippy taken from 10TV WBNS

The report of a threat on campus surfaced. This threat came from a California man named Daniel Rippy. According to an indictment unsealed late last year, Rippy made an “electronic communication” saying that he was going to somehow attack the school. Rippy said, “I’m seriously going to hurt the students and all of the players from the football team.”

Shortly after this statement was released, he was arrested at home in Livermore, California. He was released on bond, but then preceded to fail to report to the court’s Pretrial Services divison as required. Therefore, he was then arrested a second time. This time, a magistrate judge ordered him to report to Ohio and gave him to US Marshals.

This news came as a shock to me and hit home because I was at the game in 2018 and witnessed the offensive clinic put on by Dwayne Haskins and company. Little did I know that there was a threat against everyone in the stadium.

It’s a shame that something as awesome as a college football game, and it particular such a great one like The Game, can be overshadowed by an idiot all the way across the country.