(Almost) Staff Writers

Not quite staff members, but students that wouldve made good ones

Mason Berger

Not quite staff members, but students that would’ve made good ones

The Purple Quill staff members take a sense of pride in the fact that they produce content on a monthly basis for both the paper edition and online edition of the Quill. While it takes time and effort to produce an article, video, or podcast episode, at the end of the day, we are proud of our work for the most part.

While the Quill may be losing some popularity, especially in the print world, it still creates buzz around the student body.

Many students have suggestions that they make to staff members about possible articles and/or videos. Sometimes, these ideas come into fruition, and sometimes they do not. Regardless, the ideas always come, some more frequent than others.

There are definitely some students who are more frequent requesters and think that they have golden ideas for The Purple Quill. Some of these guys are wannabes, while others could have potentially been quality staff members.

These guys were a day late and a dollar short on potentially joining the staff. Wannabees to an elite establishment that is called, The Purple Quill. Here are some names that come to mind.

Zach Dugan

Doesn’t get much clearer than this one. He is already featured in so many articles due to his many opinions on many manners, and he often states how great of a staff member he would’ve made. He also already wrote a 2,000 word article about Cincinnati sports for no good reason at all other than desire. Deadlines would possibly be an issue, but honestly, he would be a content machine on staff. “I am a good ass writer. That’s my specialty.” said Dugan on his untapped potential.

Joe Weber

The Purple Quill
Weber’s profile picture from 2018-19

I realize Joe was already on staff once before, but he decided to hang ’em up after one semester last year. Maybe finishing last on the semester power rankings scared him away, but regardless, there was potential with him. Sometimes Joe seemed a bit lost in class, but found ways to manage. Survive and advance. Extremely witty guy with takes hotter than the stove. It’s always great to have a guy like that on the staff, and even though it didn’t quite work out for Joe last year, this year could have been a different story. Also, credit to him for the inspiration behind an article I wrote this fall called “The dream team“.

Sam Salamone

Sal would’ve been a great guy to have in S-131 every day. One of the most sociable people I’ve ever met, so talking with someone for an interview would’ve been second nature to him. Also has some interesting takes on a wide variety of topics. He may or may not know what he is really talking about sometimes, but The Quill is all about opinion, as long as it’s relevant and accurate for the most part. Anyway, Sal would’ve been a great contributor to the staff.

Kevin Heckman

Kevin is the most passionate sports fan I’ve ever encountered. This man watches so many football, basketball, and baseball games that I’m surprised he still has sight (and money). He cannot go five minutes without dropping another knowledge bomb about just about any sport imaginable, college, professional, or even high school. A blog would be perfect for Kevin, so he could put all of his thoughts into words. He would produce so much for The Quill. We would need to make a whole web page about Kevin’s takes as well as an additional page in the paper.

While I may be poking a bit of fun at all the students who try to contribute to existing staff members, there suggestions do not go unnoticed, and lots of staff members in The Quill’s history have definitely benefited from someone giving them an idea or two. Keep on firing away at suggestions, because you never know where they may go.