Tom Brady free agency speculations and 199 Productions

Tom Brady’s big plans for free agency


Jason E. Thomas

Tom Brady, the oldest player in the NFL, has entered free agency concluding his 2019 season with the New England Patriots. The legendary QB has played in nine Superbowls, won six of them, and has been the MVP of four of those six wins. Now that he is a free agent, speculation has surfaced of whether or not he will stay with the patriots, or even continue playing football.

One reason Brady might leave is because he has nothing left to prove with the patriots. He has played for them since he was drafted back in 2000. One more Superbowl with the patriots wouldn’t be as impressive as making it to the Superbowl with a new team. It would also be nice to see Brady play away from the Patriots and Bill Belichick, seeing as they have a set way and method of winning football games. Brady leaving the Patriots would give him the freedom to show more of his own personalty when it comes to playing the game, and allow him to strengthen his legacy. Some may argue that Brady leaving the pats would ruin his legacy. However, we have seen other legendary players such as Peyton Manning, Bret Favre, and Joe Montana play for different teams, yet still be strongly associated with their original teams of the Colts, Packers, and 49ers. It’s also a possibility that the Patriots may not be a Superbowl caliber team next year, seeing as they were forced to play their first wild card game since last decade last season. I personally would rather see Brady finish his career challenging himself by playing with a new team, rather than see him settle for playing with the patriots yet another year.

As for actual evidence, the media is still unsure rather or not Brady will leave the patriots. Former patriots tight end Christian Fauria said that ““I am putting [the percentage of Brady leaving] at 99.6 percent Tom Brady never wears a Patriots jersey again.” ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington stated that he would be surprised if he returned to play for the Patriots, saying “”I think he has laid out a plan and continues to maintain the expectation of carrying out that plan.”

As for which team Brady could play for other than the Patriots, teams such as the Titans, Raiders, Chargers, Colts, and Buccaneers have all shown potential in terms of having a stable offense with needs of a solid quarterback. As for which teams are actually showing interest, the Buccaneers seem to be all in for Brady. Multiple news sources have reported that they are willing to do anything for Brady, and with receivers such as Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, Brady may prove to be the missing key to a competitive Tampa Bay team.

However, Tom Brady has done more than just consider playing for another team during his free agency. In a interview with Deadline, Brady announced that he would be launching 199 Productions, a global multi-platform content company to develop original content including documentaries, films, and television shows. Regardless of what Brady decides to do next season, his launch of his production company will certainly keep people entertained.

“I’m excited to announce to the world the official launch of 199 Productions” -Tom Brady