The Last Christmas


For seniors in high school, they may have just one more Christmas like the ones of their childhood days. Most seniors will be going to college and some may not come back to visit their parents for the holidays. Some students will be going straight into the military and won’t be seeing their friends and family for some time. I went around Elder High School and asked some of the students what they wanted for Christmas.

Some students actually want something that is on their wish list like Brad Jacobs, he wants a pair of snowboard googles. Tommy Wilbur wants a new pair of headphones so he can rock out to some awesome music. Jacob May wants a new IPhone 5c so he can be up to date with the latest technology.

Students around Elder also just want to be with their family and friends around the holidays. They don’t care what their parents get them and they do care what Santa gives them. Some of these students include Tom Brunner, Ross Combs, and Matthew “Buckerton” Williams.

There are several guys going straight into the military from high school. I asked Austin Stiemle and Timothy Wahoff what they wanted and they looked at me and said they didn’t know. After thinking awhile Austin said an Xbox one and Timothy said he wanted a new pair of beats.

With the wide variety of students we have at Elder, each student wants something different and wants something that means something to them. Whether it is hanging with friends or family, it’s playing video games with your friends or if it’s just keeping up with technology.

Each item gives a teenager peace at mind and relieves the stress of high school. They don’t have to focus on college or their grades, but instead focus on having fun with friends and family. That is the true meaning of Christmas.