Journalism class is real

What actually goes on in Journalism

Journalism class is real

Recently there have been rumors going around the school of how big of a joke journalism class is. They’re saying we never work in class and that all our articles are plagiarized. Well that’s just not true.  I’m here to tell you the truth behind journalism class and what really goes on.

The first month of Journalism class was considered journalism boot camp. It was a long months’ worth of writing, filming, and photography. If that doesn’t scream out real class, then I don’t know what does.

Sure we may play football on Fridays and leave class to go “get interviews” but I can promise you, we still work hard on our articles. Every week we pitch a new idea to the class and explain what we’re writing on. We feature articles all the way from sports to recent news.

After we finish pitching our new ideas, we start to write the new stories for you people to enjoy and connect with. Every article written is edited by our impeccable staff. These staff members were hand-picked by Mr. Rogers himself and the entire journalism class.

Throughout the week we work to perfect our writings until they are good enough to go online or in the paper. We have two paper articles and two online articles a month. Only a select few articles are good enough to get into the paper edition so therefore you see many more articles online.

After a long and hard work week of writing and editing, we journalist’s like to relax on Fridays and take a break from the class by playing a rousing game of football. It usually ends after a few minutes from everyone being too tired, but nonetheless, it’s still fun.

For any of you out there considering journalism class for next year, I highly recommend taking it. It is a class where you can have fun and write but also speak freely in class. It is unlike any other class here at Elder and plus it looks good that you were part of the school newspaper.